Atlético San Luis vs Chivas (3-1): Potosinos dance to Guadalajara

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Alfonso Lastras Stadium / 21.01.2021 23:10:08

Chivas still without winning at the tournament Guard1anes 2021, and tonight in the capital of saint Louis came out with three goals against him Athletic, who got his first win of the season, in a duel where he scored three goals, but could have been more.

He Sacred Flock it did not work, after two draws to one in the first two days of the championship, he fell to a team in which his star striker shone, Nico Ibanez, who marked a doublet to seal the triumph of the locals.

Ramiro Gonzalez, former player of Lion, was in charge of opening the scoreboard in the Alfonso Stadium Lastras, cutting a streak of five consecutive losses from the final stretch of the Tournament Guard1anes 2020.

His last victory at home was on October 16, 2020 when he came out with three points after beating the White Roosters.

Ibanez increased the advantage of the Potosinos at minute 28, and at minute 62 of penalty, put an even heavier slab on the Chivas, which had already been saved a couple of times before.

He Sacred Flock approached shyly when Jose Juan Macías, who showed up this season after missing the first two games because of the covid-19, he scored at minute 69. However, the goal did not help the Guadalajara team to react.

In the end the Chivas fell 3-1 before him Athletic San Luis who were able to wake up after a slumber of five consecutive games without knowing victory. The herd’s next rival is FC Juárez, with whom he will play next Saturday 30 at the Perla Tapatia.


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