ATP Finals – Dominic Thiem against Daniil Medvedev: Final today in the live ticker

Tonight, the winner of the ATP Finals will be chosen between Dominic Thiem and Daniil Medvedev. Who is ahead at the end of the season? Here you can be there in the live ticker.

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ATP Finals – Dominic Thiem against Daniil Medvedev: Final today in the live ticker – Before the start

Stand: 6:4 6:7 3:5

ATP Finals – Dominic Thiem against Daniil Medvedev: will Medvedev win the title?

6: 4 6: 7 3: 5 Medvedev chases a second serve with more than 201 kilometers per hour over the net and drives the opponent into the return error. Furthermore, nothing goes wrong in this game. It goes to zero on the stage, the Russian draws 5: 3 away

6: 4 6: 7 3: 4 The world number three completed the compulsory task quickly and to zero and reduced it to 3: 4. A break has to come soon to turn this match around again.

2:4 6:7 2:3 Thiem won’t give up. The Lichtenwörther is still looking for the way ahead and concentrates the backhand flight ball. More does not seem to be possible. Medvedev is serving too heavily for that. That brings him two game balls.

6:4 6:7 2:3 Again we risk a look at the total points played. And not to believe that there is still a tie there – 199: 199

6: 4 6: 7 2: 2 Thiem does not get the game, also misses the second chance. Third time debut! Then a forehand return hisses flat across the net. And Thiem gets stuck on the edge of the net again. Breakball! But Medvedev just doesn’t manage to break the opponent’s serve. But the Russian still gets a ninth chance – seen over the entire match.


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