Attack on AICM was to kill businessman Eduardo Beaven, says García Harfuch

Omar Garcia Harfuch, Secretary of Citizen Security of Mexico City, reported that the shooting attack on October 15 in the vicinity of the airport capital was to kill the businessman Eduardo Beaven, who along with his bodyguards was intercepted by armed persons.

Omar García Harfuch denied an alleged link to organized crime.  (Darkroom)

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Omar García Harfuch denied an alleged link to organized crime. (Darkroom)

In an interview with Samuel Cuervo for MILENIO Television, the police chief assured that although the events were initially investigated as an assault, it was determined that it was an attempted murder.

“It was a direct attack, they were going to kill this person. First, there was the question of whether it was an attempted assault or a kidnapping and no, it was a direct attack, an attempted murder and we are going to wait for the detainees to declare in order to be able to say specifically what the motive is, “he commented.

Yesterday it was reported that two men and two women were arrested for these events; among them Geovanny “N” or Yannick “N”, The German, alleged leader of a cell of La Unión Tepito, for its possible relationship with the shooting attack against businessman Eduardo Beaven.

While the others were identified as Rogelio “N”, The Memin, 22 years old, head of hitmen; Lesli “N”, Lu, 21 years old; and María del Carmen “N”, 27 years old.

His capture was carried out when three search warrants were executed at homes located in the Benito Juárez, Cuauhtémoc and Iztacalco mayors; where even photos of the businessman were found. While on the day of the attack, one of the criminals died when his bodyguards repelled the attack.

The official recalled that there was already an investigation against a criminal cell and “that is why they can be arrested so quickly.” The suspects would be related, he said, to homicides in the municipality of Ecatepec, State of Mexico.

García Harfuch pointed out that at least two people participated in a material way in the attempted murder, while the other two are part of La Unión Tepito, which is why they seek to prove their participation in the events.

According to investigations by capital authorities, the cell led by The German It is dedicated to the sale of vehicles through social networks and the collection of extortions from merchants in the downtown area, as well as the sale of drugs; In addition, the investigations place this individual as the person in charge of the kidnappings in Mexico City and the State of Mexico, for whom they demand large sums of money from the families.

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