Attacks in Old Quebec: a new victim recounts the violence suffered on Halloween night

Nearly three weeks after the massacre that left two dead in Old Quebec, a new victim recounted the violence suffered on Halloween night.

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From his hospital room, the man who introduces himself as Rémy Bélanger from Beauport made a long 45-minute video.

The musician explains in detail the horrific gestures of his assailant, as well as the nature of his injuries and also what he has experienced since the attempted murder.

“On October 31, I went for a walk as usual and it didn’t end as I thought,” he explains. At around 10:18 p.m., he sent a photo of the Château Frontenac to a loved one a little before the tragedy.


Despite a major head trauma, Rémy Bélanger remembers the suspect’s sword well.

“He raised his sword in the air and I never thought he was going to hit me with it. I thought he was going to pretend. But his sword fell on my head, ”adds the young man.

Bloodied and in shock, the man was still aware of the seriousness of his condition.

“He kept hitting me. It’s a bit hazy as to what happened. I told myself that my only chance to get out was to cry out for help. I don’t know why he didn’t finish me, ”he adds.

Quality care

Seriously injured, he then dragged himself to the entrance to the Château Frontenac to get help.

With a few images of his stitched up body, Rémy Bélanger also talks about the multiple lacerations. We can also see a throat injury.

“My thumb is half amputated. My index finger was completely outside my hand, ”he says.

Fortunately, he says he was able to benefit from the expertise of a particularly gifted Montreal surgeon even though his hands will not work for a long time.


Self-employed, he does not know how and when he can resume his activities as a musician.

“I have a lot of work to do. Every day, I take giant steps in my remission. ”

Encouraged by the messages of support from the citizens, he even says not to blame the alleged killer with the sword.

“I was in the ambulance on October 31 and had already forgiven him. I wish he could have some help. We are in a context where when you need mental health services, it is extremely difficult to have access to care. ”

The injured man mentions that he would eventually like to talk to the accused.

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