Attacks in Vienna: identity of assailant shot by police known

He was a radicalized person, close to the Islamic State, said the Austrian Minister of the Interior.

L‘assailant of the attack in Vienna Monday evening was 20 years old and had previously been convicted of his involvement in a terrorist organization, Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said on Tuesday. He was an Islamic State sympathizer, according to the minister.

The young man was a citizen of Austria and North Macedonia, the minister told APA. He was sentenced in April 2019 after traveling to Syria to join ISIS. His sentence was 22 months in prison but he was released on conditions in early December, the minister said.

“He was a radicalized person who felt close to ISIS,” he said, adding that the assailant was armed and was wearing a belt of explosives. The mayor of Vienna had said earlier that it was fake.

According to Karl Nehammer, the police raided 15 houses and arrested several people linked to the suspect.

Potentially several authors

Four people died, in addition to the assailant, killed by the police. The latter and the Minister of the Interior said they had not yet clearly established whether the assailant with accomplices. “We cannot rule out that there were other authors,” said Karl Nehammer.

The shots erupted in the early evening, a few hours before the entry into force of a containment of Austria to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

The drama took place in the heart of the Austrian capital, near an important synagogue and the Opera House. “At this stage, it is not possible to say whether the synagogue” was the target of the shooters, said Oskar Deutsch, president of the Jewish Community of Vienna (IKG).

National mourning

The Austrian government on Tuesday declared three days of national mourning after the terrorist attack in Vienna on Monday evening. Five people were killed, one of whom died in hospital and the assailant shot dead by police. About 15 people have been hospitalized and seven are in serious condition.


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