Attention for suspected COVID-19 and dengue fever are given 24/7 at CAMI de Pascuales, north of Guayaquil | Community | Guayaquil

Inhabitants of the north of Guayaquil can go to receive medical attention at that point.

More than 30 people suspected of COVID-19 and dengue arrived between 07:00 and 08:00 on Thursday 27 at the facilities of the Comprehensive Municipal Attention Center (CAMI), in Pascuales. Many of them had symptoms such as fever, malaise, so swab tests were performed to find out which virus they had.

Due to the incidence of COVID-19 cases in neighborhoods in the north and northwest of Guayaquil, this space was enabled ten days ago with 24/7 care of patients who require medical assistance and even oxygen therapy, commented the infectologist Washington Alemán, director of the Unit of Prevention of Infectious Diseases (UPEI) of the Municipality of Guayaquil.

He explained that although cases at the city level have decreased due to the mobility restrictions imposed weeks ago, still COVID-19 patients continue to arrive, more in the northern sectors.

“The aim is to be close to the community, to be cared for close to the area of ​​their residence, to prevent them from advancing to the Bicentennial, only if it is a complex case that requires hospitalization would a referral be made,” Aleman said.

He added that you have to have a perception of risk when leaving home. “For example, if I see a full dining room and the owner tells me to just come in, I know that if there is crowding there is also a risk and I can be infected by aerosols in the closed environment; Do not lower your guard, hospitals still maintain very high occupancy rates. If we have to go to work, to do our errands, let’s do it with all the protection measures, ”Aleman advised.

According to the epidemiological report for the week of May 17 to 23, 2021, the Monte Sinai and Fertisa sectors register increases in suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19. There, medical brigades also visit dozens of families to provide early care.

In the cases that reach this and other health units, problems due to self-medication are evident, so doctors asked to avoid the consumption of anti-inflammatories because they are contraindicated in this viral process. (I)

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