Attractions become ghost places: These travel destinations make holidays from tourism

Where recently the tourists were still crowding, there is now a yawning emptiness. Whether on the Rialto Bridge in Venice, the Rambles in Barcelona or in front of the entrance to the Louvre in Paris – these symbolic places of overtourism are now almost without people.

Tourism is taking a break, or rather a forced break. Because of the Corona crisis, the Federal Government advises against all unnecessary trips not only abroad, but also appeals to the citizens to reduce the relocation within Germany to a minimum.

The hotels in Germany should only be able to be used for “necessary” and no longer for tourist purposes. The package of measures also means “that there should be no vacation trips in Germany or abroad,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel. Coach travel is generally prohibited.

Due to the drastic restrictions on air and tourist traffic and the quarantine measures, particularly in countries such as Italy and Spain, public life there has come to a standstill in some cases.

Side effect of the absence of tourist flows: the environment is unexpectedly relieved. Uploaded photos and video clips from Venice on social media no longer show badly polluted canals, but also sections with clean water. There are even a few fish to be seen – a rarity in the lagoon city. “The water in the canals of Venice is clean. Incredible,” commented a user in a tweet about his recordings.

On the following pages of the photo gallery, we show pictures of lonely tourist locations around the world.

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