Atypical couple: “I learned sign language to seduce my wife”

  • Author, Ousseynou N’Diaye
  • Role, Video Journalist, BBC Africa
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Abdol tells us about the unusual circumstances of his meeting with his soul mate his wife who is deaf and mute.

Love stories arise from physical or virtual encounters, fortuitous or by appointment. The one between Abdol and his wife was born from the search for a chewing-gum.

That was three years ago. On his way to a date, Abdol decides to freshen his breath with his favorite brand of mint chewing gum.

“I stopped in a first shop to pay for chewing gum and the seller told me there was none. So I continue to a second store where I am still told there is no chewing gum. I said ok, so I continue on my way and go to a third store. And I am still told that there is no chewing gum. »

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