Aubameyang Violates COVID-19 Protocol, Make Tattoos!


Seriously Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Captain Arsenal it was caught making a tattoo in the middle coronavirus pandemic. Duh!

Aubameyang actually missed defending Arsenal for almost a month because he had to return to France. The Gabonese attacker accompanied his mother, who was being treated for illness.

Without the presence of Aubameyang, Arsenal struggled because they only won four points from four matches in the Premier League and were even eliminated from the FA Cup. Therefore, the presence of Aubameyang changed Arsenal so much when they hosted Leeds United yesterday.

Aubameyang immediately made a hat-trick which made Arsenal win 4-2 and cut the gap from the top four to seven points. Even though he has returned to action, Aubameyang could have received a reprimand or even a sanction from Arsenal.

Quoted Sky Sports, there is a video leak on Instagram that shows Aubameyang with Barcelona’s famous tattoo artist Alejandro Nicholas Bernal. The two of them are together without paying attention to health protocols, including not wearing masks.

Bernal seemed to be tattooing Aubameyang’s body with a tattoo. The video appeared on social media on February 10, although it is not clear when and where it was recorded.

Even though the British government has banned the activity of tattooing the body to be prohibited during the corona virus pandemic. Even footballers are not allowed to shave their hair with their regular stylists.

Arsenal reportedly will soon call Aubameyang regarding the viral video to ask for an explanation. If Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang proven guilty, there could be a fine awaiting him.

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