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It is often difficult to choose from all the existing mobile plans. Offers pop up regularly on the Internet with higher or lower prices. NRJ Mobile and Auchan Telecom are currently offering offers on their mobile plans. It is possible to have a 4G plan for less than 5 € per month and without sacrificing the data envelope or the communication time. This is a price that will delight small budgets who can have a good cheap package.

A cheap package at € 2.99 / month with Auchan Télécom

L’MVNO operator offers a 30 GB plan at € 2.99 per month for 6 months, instead of 12 € / month. The price changes back to the original price after the promotion period. It’s still a reduction of € 9.01 per month for half a year. This offer is non-binding. Thus, it is possible to cancel before the monthly payments climb to 12 € / month. You just need to find out about the operator’s termination terms.

Auchan Télécom's 30 GB package.

Auchan TelecomAuchan Telecom
Cheap mobile planCheap mobile plan

from2.99 €

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Users will be able to take advantage, as in many mobile plans these days, of unlimited communications. That is to say calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France. For occasional travelers, calls and SMS are also unlimited within the European Union and in the overseas departments. The duration of communication per call is capped at 3 consecutive hours, and the number of recipients at 129 different each month.

Users connected to the Internet can enjoy in this inexpensive package a 30 GB data envelope. They will be able to surf the web for 200 hours or listen to their favorite music for 90 hours without interruption. To communicate abroad, it is possible to have the international option on request. This option allows you to call or browse the Internet in destinations not included in the mobile plan. Finally, 3 GB are available roaming in the EU and overseas departments.

L’double call option is included in the low cost plan, so the subscriber will not be able to miss an important call when he is already online. The consumer will also have access to premium messaging, at no extra charge. Voicemail messages will be archived for 30 days and can contain 100 archived messages.

The Auchan Télécom mobile plan in summary:

  • € 2.99 / month for 6 months then € 12 / month;
  • a non-binding package;
  • 30 GB of data per month;
  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS;
  • an international option available on request.

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An unlimited plan with 40 GB of data at NRJ Mobile at € 3.99 / month

NRJ Mobile offers its offer with 10 € reduction on his mobile plan for 6 months as well. The subscriber will therefore pay € 3.99 / month instead of € 13.99 / month for half a year. The price drops to € 13.99 per month after this period.

NRJ Mobile's 40 GB mobile plan. NRJ Mobile's 40 GB mobile plan.

NRJ MobileNRJ Mobile
4G mobile plan4G mobile plan

from3.99 €

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This offer is available until October 21, there is therefore not much time left to take advantage of it. Like the previous mobile plan, this one is non-binding. Each operator has Termination Fee different, so you have to remember to get information on the Internet or with NRJ Mobile customer service.

This mobile plan from the “Woot” range is a so-called unlimited plan. This means that calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited from mainland France, the overseas departments and Europe. The operator has an agreement with the three incumbent operators, SFR, Orange and Bouygues Telecom. Thus, users benefit from the network infrastructures of one of these operators. The choice is made by NRJ Mobile depending on the geographical area. The data envelope included in this mobile plan is 40 GB, the subscriber can thus take full advantage of his applications and the Internet. Sufficient to occasionally enjoy Netflix or to listen to your favorite music on Deezer.

It is possible to complete your inexpensive package withc of the proposed options by the virtual operator. For globetrotters, it is in particular possible to add to the offer additional hours of international calls. For 5 € / month, the subscriber can enjoy one hour of communication to European mobiles. If the customer subscribes to an option at 4 € per month, he will be able to have unlimited calls to 85 destinations in the world. By paying € 7 per month more, the user has 30 minutes ofcalls to Turkey and the Maghreb.

What to remember from the NRJ Mobile Woot plan:

  • € 3.99 / month for 6 months then € 13.99 / month;
  • a no-obligation mobile plan;
  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS;
  • 40 GB of data per month;
  • options available to expand the inexpensive package.

the NRJ Mobile mobile network.the NRJ Mobile mobile network.

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