Audiences Before 8 p.m.: No one exceeds 4 million viewers in access and TF1, France 2 and France 3 around 3.5 million viewers

TF1 offered a new episode last night of its daily soap opera “Tomorrow belongs to us” while Nagui presented the game “Don’t forget the lyrics” on France 2.

On France 3, viewers could find the “19/20”. Cyril Lignac was in charge of “Tous en cuisine” on M6. Three access talk-shows were broadcast: “TPMP” on C8, “C à vous” on France 5 and “Quotidien” on TMC.

Do not forget the lyrics
17.6% market share

3,792,000 viewers

Tomorrow belongs to us
16.7% market share

3,547,000 viewers

The 19/20
14.9% market share

3,454,000 viewers

All in the kitchen
9% market share

1,749,000 viewers

C to you
7.1% market share

1,473,000 viewers

Daily – Part 1
5% market share

1,165,000 viewers

TPMP – part 1
3.6% market share

914,000 viewers

The real info
1.1% market share

254,000 viewers

Top market shares

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