AUDIO: First sounds ever recorded on Mars released

During a press conference on Monday, NASA presented the first audio recordings made by Perseverance microphones.

NASA shared this Monday the first video showing the moment when his Perseverance rover landed on the surface of Mars. What’s more, Has published the first two audio recordings made by the mission.

The agency indicated that “a microphone connected to the rover (…) survived the descent highly dynamic to the surface and obtained sounds from Jezero crater on February 20. “

Now that you’ve seen Mars, listen to it. Grab some headphones and listen to the first sounds picked up by one of my microphones, “Perseverance’s mission posted on Twitter.

In the recording you hear “a martian breeze for a few seconds, just like the mechanical sounds of the rover operating on the surface. “

The second published audio captured “interplanetary sounds Rover Perseverance “recorded on October 19, 2020 during an in-flight check of the aircraft’s camera and microphone system on its journey to the Red Planet.

In 2018, la Inonda SS, with the use of a seismometer and an atmospheric pressure detector, it recorded vibrations of between 16 and 24 kilometers per hour caused by the Martian wind. So NASA public the recording of these vibrations, in which you could hear how the wind sounds on mars. InSight’s instruments were capable of recording sound waves such as those produced by gusts of wind or by the movements of the probe’s robotic arm and other mechanical tools. The data captured by the seismometer corresponded to tremors and other noises recorded on Mars, and later they were modified so that they could be heard by the human ear. Now, a Perseverance microphone has provided the first direct audio recording of sounds from Mars.

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