August decree, news on bonuses: a 20% discount arrives at the restaurant

Another welcome solution to support the consumption of Italians in this period of economic difficulty, especially for the restaurant sector: the insertion of a 20% discount on the account of lunches and dinners out.

The hypothesis would be to introduce an incentive to consume in bars and restaurants, through thecredit the refund directly to the account or on paper, or, is another possibility, by registering with a special app. A measure that would be very convenient for Italians and that would be supported by an allocation of around one billion euros, among the 25 foreseen in the August Decree.

August decree, the discount at the restaurant: how it works abroad

The discount on the receipt is an idea recently implemented abroad. For example in Britain, the “Eat out to help out” program provides for an even greater cut, up to 50% for meals consumed in restaurantsi, at the expense of the British Treasury.

The incentive can only be used in the premises that took part in the initiative and is valid for August for the first three days of the week. This is precisely to encourage citizens to return to eat meals on the premises, even after the weekend, after the lockdown period spent at home. However, alcoholic beverages are not included in the UK bonus and the maximum amount that can be spent per person on each receipt is £ 10.

August Decree, 20% discounts on consumption: not only in the restaurant

But the discounts would not be limited only to catering. On the proposal of the Undersecretary to the Ministry of Economic Development, Alessia Morani, the government is examining the possibility of extending the discount also for other activities such as those for thepurchase of household goods such as furniture, furnishings, appliances and clothing and footwear.

They would be bonuses to be redeemed immediately, at the time of purchase provided that they are made “in person”, not therefore with e-commerce transactions. Discounts also in this case that would not go beyond 20%, with a maximum budget per person yet to be established, and which would be covered with another two billion in funding from the state.


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