Augustin Kibassa oars to stay afloat

Weakened by the controversy raging around the tax on the Register of mobile devices (RAM), the Minister of Telecommunications has won a reprieve. But for how long ?


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The boat is starting to be well loaded … But Augustin Kibassa Maliba has managed to keep his post for the moment. On Wednesday, October 13, the deputies rejected a motion of no confidence in him, initiated by the Common Front for the Congo (FCC, of ​​Joseph Kabila) which accuses the Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and New Information Technologies and communication its desire to maintain the tax on the Register of mobile devices (RAM), doomed to gemonies by many elected officials and representatives of civil society.

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The deputies of the presidential majority rushed to the aid of the minister, arguing that it was necessary, before proceeding to a vote of such importance, to give him time to come and explain himself face to face in front of the elected officials.

“Save soldier Kibassa”

Augustin Kibassa, for his part, said he had heard the criticism. And even “felt personally challenged by the relevance of the deputies’ interventions.” He promised to refer the matter to the government at a forthcoming cabinet meeting. A way for him to share some of the attacks he has been subjected to for several weeks with the whole government…

Within the Sacred Union, the slogan is still “to save soldier Kibassa”. But for how long ? During the meeting held on Monday, October 11, to mobilize the majority deputies on this issue, some of them rushed into the stretchers when Jean-Marc Kabund-a-Kabund, first vice-president of The National Assembly and patron of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS, by Félix Tshisekedi), defended the minister.

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