Australia: Quantas offers flights to nowhere

Climate protectors are likely to turn away with horror: The Australian airline Quantas is looking for new business models in the corona crisis. From next month, a seven-hour sightseeing flight over Australia will be offered, which will take off and land in Sydney, the company said.

With a Boeing 787, which is normally used for international long-haul flights, it goes at low altitudes over Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Harbor. The “flights to nowhere” are intended to boost demand in the Asia-Pacific region.

The airlines are among the big economic losers of the corona crisis: According to the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines, entry restrictions, quarantine measures and changing risk areas have led to a 97.5 percent drop in international travel in the region.

The Taiwanese EVA Airways and Japan’s ANA also offer comparable regional sightseeing flights in order to secure employment and to keep their pilots’ licenses up to date.

The borders of Australia will remain closed to visitors from abroad until at least December 17th. The entry stop has been in effect since March, and people with Australian citizenship are currently difficult to enter the country. According to the government, around 23,000 Australians are stranded abroad. Permanent residents of Australia are only allowed to leave the country in exceptional cases.

First the all-clear, then the second wave in the south of the country

Australia initially successfully contained the spread of the corona virus. The government gave the all-clear in April, and the corona rules were relaxed again across the country. In July, however, the number of daily new infections was several times higher than the maximum value of the first wave in March.

In Australia so far around 27,000 cases of infection confirmed, more than 800 people died in connection with Covid-19. 75 percent of all corona infections were reported from the state of Victoria, which is also where the metropolis of Melbourne is located.

A new lockdown with a night curfew was imposed in the metropolis at the beginning of July. Recently, however, the number of cases has decreased rapidly and the requirements for Melbourne are to be gradually relaxed. In several cities there had recently been partly violent demos against the government’s strict corona policy.

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