Australian Open | Fighting against stomach pain with high temperature and breaking into the top four opponents questioned the delay time and reprimanded the referee for being lazy (19:19) – 20220125 – Sports – Instant News

The No. 6 seed Nadu faced the 13-year-old Shapuhualuf at the Australian Open, winning two consecutive sets 6:3 and leading 6:4. The opponent made repeated mistakes and became emotionally out of control. He questioned Nadu for delaying the serve, but the referee did not. There was a warning, and he even called “you are corrupt” on the field. After Nadu lost 4:6 and 3:6, he was forced to enter the final set with a stomach pain and requested a medical suspension, but he finally won 6:3, the closest he has been since defeating Fedana in the 2009 Australian Open final. 5 Australian Open final set wins for the first time.

During the match, the temperature once reached 30 degrees Celsius, and he reached the Australian Open men’s singles quarter-finals with the seventh degree. It went down very quickly, and this battle completely destroyed me.” He was fortunate to have two days off before playing again on Friday for a place in the final.

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