Australian Research: Gene Editing Technology Prevents the Spread of New Coronavirus in Human Cells

The new coronavirus under the electron microscope. (Reuters file photo)

[Compilation Guan Shuping/Comprehensive Report]Australian scientists published a research report on the 13th. Researchers successfully used gene editing technology (CRISPR) in experiments to prevent SARS-CoV that caused Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, Covid-19) -2 virus, which spreads in infected human cells, this research result can pave the way for a possible treatment of Wuhan pneumonia.

Gene editing technology allows scientists to modify cell DNA sequences and modify gene functions. Previous studies have shown promising prospects for eliminating the genetic code that causes cancer in children.

The researchers used the CRISPR-Cas13b protease to combine with the new coronavirus to degrade the virus’s genome required for replication in human cells. The first author of the report, Professor Sharon Lewin of the “Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity” in Australia, said that researchers designed gene-editing scissors to recognize the new coronavirus. “Once the virus is Once identified, the gene editing scissors are activated to cut the virus.”

She said that research has targeted several parts of the new coronavirus, including parts that are very stable and will not change, and parts that are highly variable. “The effect of cutting the virus (gene editing) is very good.” This technology is also successful. Prevent the virus from replicating in the so-called “variant of convern” (variant of convern), such as the Alpha variant.

Although there are several new coronavirus vaccines, the treatment options are still quite rare and only partially effective.

Li Wen said that gene editing technology may be “several years” before it is widely used in the medical profession, but this method may still prove to be a useful tool against the new coronavirus; the current options for martial arts treatments are “very limited, and At most, it can reduce the risk of death by 30%. “We still need better therapies to treat patients hospitalized with the new coronavirus.”

The report was published in the journal Nature Communications. Australian researchers said they hope to start animal experiments as soon as possible.

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