Australian swimmer Maddie Groves refuses to participate in the Olympics because of “misogynistic perverts”

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (in 2021)dossier

Maddie Groves, a two-time medalist at the Rio Games, has decided not to participate in her country’s selection process for the Tokyo Olympics.

“Hi folks, I have made the decision not to participate in the Olympic qualifiers in Adelaide.” In a post shared on Instagram Thursday, Australian swimmer Maddie Groves, yet double silver medalist in Rio in 2016, explained that she was giving up the process of selecting her country for the Tokyo Games which is due to start this Saturday. Behind the smile she displays in the photo, the 26-year-old athlete invokes a very dark motive: the presence of “Misogynistic pervert” in the world of sport.

“You can no longer exploit young women and girls, make them feel ashamed of their bodies or fear for their health and then expect them to represent you so that you can earn your annual bonus. It’s over !, she is indignant on her social networks. May this be a lesson for all misogynistic perverts in sport and those who lick their boots. “

The Australian federation regrets its decision

However, the swimmer does not give any indication of the identity of the persons concerned. She had already complained in November on Twitter of a “Person working in swimming who makes me feel uncomfortable by the way he stares at me in my clothes”. A few days later, still on the Internet, she denounced a “Sinister comment” done by an unidentified coach, who later quickly apologized, “Maybe because the team psychologist told him to do it.” Despite her withdrawal, Maddie Groves specifies that she does not intend to end her career, ensuring that she is eager to “Participate in other competitions later this year”.

Kieren Perkins, chairman of Swimming Australia, the governing body of swimming in the country, for his part regretted that the swimmer did not file a formal complaint. “The reality is that all we know is what is on social media, she has not contacted Swimming Australia at any point, we have not been able to speak to her directly and talk about her concerns to understand this that it is happening ”, he told Channel Nine on Friday. And to add: “Unfortunately, social media posts do not represent an admissible complaint for us. We have to sit down with the people and talk about it. We would really like to do that and we wish Maddie would come and talk with us if she thinks she can do it. “


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