Austria: a footballer suspended 48 games for breaking the nose of an opponent

He will not be able to play football until autumn 2023. Raschid Arsanukaev, a Russian player for FC Viktoria 62 Bregenz, an Austrian amateur club, received a very heavy penalty of 48 matches. His fault? Having violently gone crazy in the last moments of a ninth division match of his team against SPG Göffis / Satteins on September 11, says the Kronen newspaper.

The beginning of the story was quite classic. For some unknown reason, Arsanukaev heads an opponent for the first time. The referee of the match, Romano Giovanni, comes to inflict a second yellow card, therefore automatically a red and an expulsion. A decision that puts the player beside himself. “I’ll show you what is punishable,” he says, before sending a second head butt to his opponent.

A case sent to justice

The violent gesture broke the nose of his opponent who will be arrested for several weeks and was operated on Wednesday, September 15. If the police noticed the incident and transmitted the file to the court, the sporting sanction has already fallen and his club announced that the player had been excluded. “Viktoria defends integration, but of course we cannot tolerate such incidents,” explained its president, Christian Gojo.

The football association of Vorarlberg, this region of western Austria where the two clubs play, also claimed that it had warned surrounding associations of the suspension of Raschid Arsanukaev. “We want to prevent that as a newly registered player, he can bypass the suspension and revive,” warned its general manager, Horst Elsner.

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