Austria is changing its vaccine strategy, it will not rely on the EU alone

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz PHOTO: Reuters

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has announced that he is changing his strategy on vaccines and will not rely solely on EU policy in the future. As he points out today in statements quoted by the media, various medicines are still being produced in Austria and this could help solve the problem. “We are not starting from scratch,” Kurtz was quoted as saying by BTA.

The chancellor said that in the new generation of immunizations, which will also protect against new variants of covid, he will not rely solely on the EU. In this direction is the planned visit of Kurz to Israel on Thursday, where together with the Danish Prime Minister Mete Frederiksen he will hold talks with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu for joint production of second generation vaccines and cooperation in research on the possibilities for treatment of the disease.

In a statement to the provincial authorities, the Federal Chancellor called for an acceleration of vaccination rates and expressed confidence that the country would soon have large quantities of vaccines to allow a mass immunization campaign of the Austrian population with 30,000 vaccinated daily.


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