Austria only wants to “open” cautiously to vacationers

Due to the global spread of the corona virus and the measures taken by governments such as border closures, personal mobility and thus travel are extremely restricted. The Federal Foreign Office has also issued a worldwide travel warning for tourist trips due to the pandemic. Here you will regularly find the latest news on the subject of the corona crisis and travel.

News from Monday, April 27th

+++ Austria only wants to open “gently” for vacationers +++

The Austrian government has now assured that the country will be “cautious” when it comes to summer tourism for foreign guests. Cross-border tourism will “only be cautious and step by step possible again,” Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg told the “Bild” newspaper on Monday. Austria will work with partner countries and in close contact with the EU Commission “to find solutions how a gentle start-up of summer tourism could be possible again”.

Coronavirus: Austria: Restaurants may reopen from mid-May

In addition, only holidaymakers from countries that are as far in the fight against the corona virus as Austria and have similarly low infection rates are eligible for entry, emphasized Schallenberg. Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) had previously warned of a “European race” when tourism reopened. Such competition could lead to “unacceptable risks”. Maas reminded of the focus of infection in the Austrian ski resort of Ischgl. Such a case should not be repeated, the minister warned: “We have already seen what an infection cluster can do in a popular holiday area in the home countries of tourists.”

+++ German-Icelandic cooperation in Corona times +++

The Icelandic airline Icelandair has signed a contract with the German transport company DB Schenker for cargo flights between Munich and Shanghai. Initially, 45 flights were agreed to transport medical aids and equipment for the European countries most affected by the pandemic. Icelandair uses three Boeing 767s for these flights, which have been modified to carry large quantities of cargo.

A Boeing 767 from Icelandair that is now being used as a freighter

A Boeing 767 from Icelandair that is now being used as a freighter

However, Iceland coped better with the corona virus than most other European countries. For a few days now, only a few new infections have been reported. This success is mainly attributed to a well-functioning health system, massive testing for the virus, as well as consistent exit and assembly restrictions. When Iceland will become a tourist destination again is still completely open. What is certain is that security measures in Iceland could be adhered to more easily than in some other countries, not least because of the fact that the island consists largely of uninhabited natural landscapes.

News from Tuesday, April 21

+++ Dispute over flight ticket reimbursement: “It is an insolence” +++

The Verband Internet Reisevertrieb e.V. (VIR) has no understanding of the attitude of the airlines when it comes to reimbursement of ticket costs. The accusation: The deliberate and deliberate complication of the refund process makes it difficult for market participants in ticket sales such as travel and flight portals to make refunds for customers. Only a few airlines currently allow reimbursement via the reservation systems. “It’s an insolence,” said Michael Buller, the association’s board. “The airlines are currently leaving their sales partners and therefore customers in the rain.”

The VIR has called on the airlines to immediately restart their systems and make them available to sales. Their behavior has a direct impact on end users: “As long as tour operators and ticket consolidators do not receive the money to be reimbursed to their customers by the airlines, thousands of passengers also have to wait for the refund,” said Buller. It is a great disappointment for the entire industry that exactly those who quickly received great help from the state are behaving so customer-unfriendly.

News from Monday April 20th

+++ Norwegian Air fires 4700 employees in corona crisis +++

Four subsidiaries of the Norwegian airline Norwegian file for bankruptcy. Accordingly, there are companies in Denmark and Sweden that employ the pilots and cabin crew. “The impact of the corona virus on the aviation industry is unprecedented. We have done everything we can to avoid this decision in the final analysis,” said CEO Jacob Schram. “

1571 pilots and 3134 cabin employees are affected. The Norwegian staff are not affected by the bankruptcy because the Norwegian state assumes the salary-related costs due to the virus outbreak. “Unfortunately, there is no equivalent coverage in Sweden or Denmark,” the company said. The rapidly expanding low-cost airline has been struggling with financial bottlenecks for a long time. The number of transatlantic flights was significantly reduced and the branch in Argentina was sold to Chilean Jetsmart Airlines in December 2019.

News from Thursday, April 16

+++ Söder recommends summer vacation in Germany +++

The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has recommended that citizens plan a summer vacation in Germany in view of the corona pandemic. “My assessment is that if you look at other countries’ infections, it is probably better to go on holiday in Germany,” said Söder. There are “wonderful goals” in the Federal Republic.

He regards holiday destinations in classic holiday countries such as Spain, Italy and Turkey as “rather unlikely”. At the moment, citizens are still asked to generally refrain from traveling. There is a travel warning worldwide. It is unclear when the first loosening will occur.

Monday, April 13th

+++ curfew broken: tourists have to write “Sorry” 500 times +++

Ten tourists had to write 500 times because of a walk in India: “I did not abide by the curfew rules and I am very sorry.” The police in the North Indian city of Rishikesh, which is popular with yoga fans, chose this punishment because several foreigners had recently broken the rules, said a police officer. In India you are currently only allowed to go out to buy food or medication, and in emergencies.

Indian police officers have already enforced the curfew using other unconventional methods. Some frightened rule breakers with colored helmets in the form of a corona virus. Others forced them to squat or threaten to lock them up in a room and let them play Bollywood movie songs continuously.

+++ Return from New Zealand tourists – Sky Tower in black, red and gold +++

Farewell to black, red and gold: Lufthansa’s last return flight with German tourists started in New Zealand on Monday. As the German Embassy in Wellington announced on Facebook, the Sky Tower in Auckland was illuminated in the national colors of the Federal Republic. The symbol of New Zealand’s largest city is the highest television tower in the southern hemisphere at 328 meters.

According to the embassy, ​​the Airbus A380 took around 500 passengers on Monday evening (local time) from Auckland to Frankfurt am Main. It was the 25th flight in the context of the return program initiated by Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. Approximately 10,000 passengers have now been brought to Europe. On Tuesday there will be a flight from Air New Zealand with Germans.

+++ Because of Corona: Copacabana Palace closes for the first time in 100 years +++

The famous Copacabana Palace hotel in Rio de Janeiro has closed for the first time in almost 100 years of its existence due to the Covid 19 pandemic. On Easter weekend, two-meter-high bars were seen around the Art Deco building, which opened in 1923 and rises on the famous Copacabana. It is one of the few five-star hotels in Brazil and is expected to reopen at the end of May, according to media reports.

News from Sunday, April 12th

+++ Von der Leyen advises: Wait until you book your summer vacation +++

In view of the corona pandemic, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen advised to wait until summer vacation was booked. “I advise to wait with such plans. No one can make reliable predictions for July and August at the moment,” she told the “Bild am Sonntag”.

Von der Leyen expressed skepticism about the decision of the federal government that customers should only receive a voucher for trips that they cannot undertake due to the corona pandemic. “Throughout Europe, people have a legal choice as to whether they want the money or a voucher.” However, she called on customers who were not in financial need to not exercise this right.

+++ Significantly fewer train journeys at Easter than in the previous year +++

The number of train journeys this Easter was significantly lower than in the previous year due to the restrictions to contain the corona pandemic. According to a report by “Bild am Sonntag”, Deutsche Bahn registered almost 300,000 long-distance bookings for Easter. Last year there were 1.5 million.

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It was also noticeably quieter on the streets this Easter weekend – and the ADAC breakdown helpers also noticed this. Accordingly, the Yellow Angels were used 8753 times on Maundy Thursday and 3951 times on Good Friday. That is a decrease of 41 percent in each case compared to the previous year. Because of the Corona rules, fewer cars were on the streets at the beginning of the Easter weekend.

News from Wednesday, April 8th

+++ Aida Cruises cancels all trips until the end of May +++

The Rostock cruise line has canceled all trips on the 14 ships in its fleet by the end of May. Due to the current entry regulations in the global destination areas, normalization of travel is not to be expected until then, the company said on Wednesday.

In order to allow the guests their vacation, which was canceled between March 8 and May 31, at a later date, the travel price already paid will be deposited as credit plus a ten percent bonus. This credit can be used for bookings made until the end of 2021 for all Aida trips. Guests who do not wish to take advantage of this offer will be reimbursed for the travel price in the amount of the payment already made.

+++ Tui receives billion dollar loan from the state +++

The travel company TUI, which was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, has a loan of 1.8 billion euros from the state. Tui and the state development bank KfW signed the contract on Wednesday, with Tui suspending its holiday deals, including package tours, cruises and hotel operations, in mid-March after travel warnings from almost all countries. At the same time, the group participated in the return of German vacationers from abroad.

With the help of the bridging loan, the company, according to Tui boss Fritz Joussen, is “intensively” preparing for the time after the Corona crisis. The group is “convinced that people will continue to travel and want to get to know other countries and cultures”.

News from Monday April 6th

+++ Empty trains: The volume of travel by long-distance trains is 10 to 15 percent +++

Due to the Corona crisis, the number of passengers on the railroad has also collapsed in recent weeks. Demand is well below supply, CEO Richard Lutz said on Monday at a conference call for journalists. In regional traffic it is 15 percent. Around three quarters of the trains that are usually running are currently in use, said Lutz.

With regard to Easter travel, Lutz saw no increased demand from customers. “Our customers are expressly responsible for the current situation,” said the train manager. “We see no increase in volume, no increase in demand in the booking figures.” Even after the chancellor’s speeches, everyone apparently understood that “this current time really requires that we adhere to these rules of distance and contact”.

+++ Cruise ship with corona patients and dead moored in Miami +++

The “Coral Princess” moored with Corona patients on board and after the death of two passengers in the port of Miami. When the more than a thousand passengers and almost 900 crew members were allowed to disembark was initially unclear.

Seven passengers and five crew members had tested positive for the corona virus, the shipping company Princess Cruises said. The trip should therefore end in Argentina on March 19. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, however, several countries have refused to allow passengers to go ashore. Passengers on board the “Diamond Princess” and “Grand Princess” had previously been infected with the corona virus.

Friday April 3rd news

+++ Emirates starts again flights to Frankfurt +++

Emirates Airlines has announced on Twitter that it will resume flights to selected destinations in Europe from next Monday (April 6). Three weekly flights to Frankfurt, Paris and Zurich are planned. The airline from Dubai has received approval from the government of the United Arab Emirates. First and foremost, it is about flying out the foreigners who are stuck in the Emirates.

Emirates will operate Boeing 777-300ER aircraft on these routes in a two-tier configuration with Business Class and Economy Class.

+++ Austrian Airlines leaves their fleet on the ground longer +++

Until now, the Lufthansa subsidiary Austrian Airlines’ flight stop was until April 19. The Vienna-based airline has now extended its flight operations due to the corona crisis: Until May 3, there will be no scheduled AUA flights for the time being. However, Austrian will continue to carry out return flights for Austrians who have been stranded abroad. “When regular flight operations can be resumed remains open and depends more on the general conditions than on ourselves,” said AUA board member Andreas Otto.

News from Thursday April 2nd

+++ New Zealand allows thousands of foreigners to return due to the corona crisis +++

Thousands of foreigners trapped in New Zealand due to the Coronavirus crisis, including many Germans, will be able to leave the Pacific on Friday. The Wellington government, which had initially stopped return flights, announced a plan to do so. This will enable the “safe and orderly departure of tens of thousands” of stranded people, said Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters on Thursday.

Returning tourists and foreigners are also allowed to move within the country if they have a confirmed flight. Additional flights between New Zealand and Europe should also be allowed, Peters said. Around 12,000 Germans are stuck in New Zealand, more than anywhere else. There, travelers from the South Sea islands were also drawn together to be able to fly back to Germany.

+++ Trump says cruise passengers in the drama about the “Zaandam” help to +++

There is hope in the drama about the “Zaandam”: US President Donald Trump has pledged to help the passengers of the cruise ship “Zaandam” and the sister ship “Rotterdam” in the Corona crisis. “From a humanitarian perspective, we have no choice,” Trump said at the White House on Wednesday evening (local time). “People die.” He added, “We have to do something. And the governor (from Florida, Ron DeSantis) knows that too.” The “Zaandam” and the “Rotterdam” are on their way to Florida, but so far have no permission to dock at the destination port in Fort Lauderdale in the south of the state.

News from Tuesday, March 31st

+++ Florida’s governor does not want to let “Zaandam” passengers into his state +++

The cruise ship “Zaandam” with four deaths and two suspected Corona cases on board is not allowed to land its passengers in the US state of Florida. He sees the situation on board the “Zaandam” as a “big, big problem,” said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He didn’t want to see people dumping in southern Florida right now who weren’t even from Florida.

The crew of the “Zaandam” actually wanted to steer the ship of the US shipping company Holland America Line to Fort Lauderdale in Florida. The night before, the cruise ship had carried 1,800 passengers on board through the Panama Canal from the Pacific to the Caribbean. A few hours later he was followed by his sister ship “Rotterdam”, which had been dispatched from the US city of San Diego to get the passengers with the best health on board the “Zaandam”. According to the shipping company, at least two of the 1,800 passengers on the “Zaandam” tested positive for the new corona virus. Four passengers had died.

+++ Dubai wants to postpone World Expo by one year +++

The spread of the corona virus also makes the relocation of this year’s world exhibition in the Gulf Emirate of Dubai more and more likely. The organizers of Expo 2020 Dubai announced after a meeting of the management committee that they supported the proposal to postpone the opening of the world exhibition planned for October by one year.

Cruise ship
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The final decision must be made by the international Expo office in Paris. The Secretary General Dimitri Kerkentzes welcomed the proposal, according to the state emirate news agency WAM. The UAE has reported 611 corona cases to date. The country is in the neighborhood of Iran, which is particularly badly affected by the novel virus.

News from Saturday, March 28th

+++ Hundreds of Europeans flown out of Bali +++

Hundreds of European tourists stranded in Bali due to the Corona pandemic were flown out of the holiday paradise on Saturday. “I am happy to be coming home,” said Marco Zeltner, one of an estimated several thousand German tourists who are stuck on the Indonesian holiday island. Two flights had been canceled beforehand, which is why he had been waiting for two weeks. “But it’s okay, Bali is beautiful, so it could have been worse.”

Germany has chartered six flights from Denpasar to Frankfurt am Main since Friday. The British authorities booked seats on two scheduled aircraft to London, and France also organized flights for hundreds of citizens to Paris. According to the French embassy, ​​around 2,000 French tourists were temporarily stuck in Indonesia. The corona pandemic has turned travel all over the world. Many countries have closed their borders and also prohibit switching at their airports. Airlines canceled many flights. So far, there have been 1155 confirmed corona infections in Indonesia, and 102 people have died. The country has the highest number of deaths in Southeast Asia.

Friday March 27 news

+++ Travel industry demands suspension of reimbursement obligation +++

In view of the corona virus crisis, the German travel and aviation industry is demanding a temporary suspension of the refund of canceled package tours and flights. The substantial fixed costs of the companies are practically no longer offset by revenue, according to a letter published on Friday by the German Travel Association (DRV), the Federal Association of the German Aviation Industry and the Federal Association of the German Tourism Industry to EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Due to the spread of the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen, tourism and air traffic had almost completely come to a standstill. “If companies in this precarious situation are forced to pay their customers the travel prices paid for trips that could no longer be started within 14 days, many will fall to their knees,” said Norbert Fiebig, President of the DRV. Repayment obligations from the European Package Travel Directive and the Passenger Rights Regulation should therefore be temporarily suspended.

+++ Tui receives KfW loan of 1.8 billion euros +++

The travel company Tui, which was badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic, receives a bridging loan from the state development bank KfW in the amount of 1.8 billion euros. The federal government gave its approval on Friday, the company said in the evening in Hanover. However, the banks of the travel provider would still have to agree to the KfW bridging loan; the talks have already started and are now being continued. The funds from the state development bank are said to increase Tui’s existing credit line with its banks in the amount of 1.75 billion euros. One of the conditions of the KfW bridging loan was therefore that the travel group waived dividend payments during the term of the loan.

This would mean that Tui would currently have funds and credit lines totaling 3.1 billion euros. “The commitment of the KfW bridging loan represents an important first step for TUI to successfully bridge the current exceptional situation,” said Fritz Joussen, CEO of the group. “Our thanks go to the German Federal Government, the German Bundestag, the Lower Saxony State Government and KfW. They acted quickly and in a solution-oriented manner in the interests of our customers, employees and the company.”

News from Wednesday, March 25th

+++ Partly until July 2020: Shipping companies suspend cruises even longer +++

The break is longer: The Italian shipping company Costa Cruises has announced that it will suspend all cruises worldwide until April 30. The shipping company had previously stopped all trips by April 3. Ships that are still under way are now to call at a port in order to let the passengers ashore. Costa belongs to the group of Carnival Cruises, the world’s largest cruise operator.

Royal Caribbean also extends the interruption of all cruises. The international cruise company plans to resume service on May 12. Departures to Alaska, Canada and New England will probably not be possible until July 1, 2020 due to the announced harbor closures. The websites of the shipping companies provide information about the exact dates of the resumption of business and the rebooking modalities of other brands.

News from Tuesday, the 2nd4th. March:

+++ Ryanair cancels all flights for two months due to corona pandemic +++

About a week ago, Ryanair had already announced that it would cut its offer by up to 80 percent. On Tuesday, Europe’s largest low-cost airline announced that it would suspend all flights for at least two months due to the corona pandemic. The company currently expects no flights to take place in April and May, Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary said in Dublin. Ultimately, it depends on government orders. Nobody knows how long the pandemic will last. However, according to O’Leary, Ryanair is ready to fly back stranded passengers or, for example, to take part in medication deliveries.

+++ More than 120,000 Germans return from abroad within a week +++

Despite massive disabilities in global travel due to the Corona crisis, more than 120,000 Germans returned from abroad within a week. This number was announced by a spokeswoman for the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. The repatriations continued: Around 10,000 Germans are currently returning to Germany every day, many of them with the support of the Federal Government. Hundreds of flights have been used for the retrieval since Tuesday last week – including 40 special flights chartered by the federal government.

In addition to Lufthansa, Condor holiday jets also fly back to Germany. It is the largest return campaign in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In addition to Lufthansa, Condor holiday jets also fly back to Germany. It is the largest return campaign in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. “We will also be launching many special flights this week and will maintain our own regular replacement flight schedule with the destinations Seattle, Palma de Mallorca, Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Jerez de la Frontera, which will ensure basic infrastructure provision,” says Ralf Teckentrup, the head of Condor.

Another 35 special flights are currently in preparation. Recalls were currently underway from Egypt, Algeria, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, The Gambia, India, Morocco, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, the Philippines and Tunisia. So far 30,000 of 35,000 German travelers have returned from Egypt, 3,000 from 4,700 from the Dominican Republic, 6,000 from 6,600 from Morocco, 7,000 from 15,000 from South Africa. 29,000 Germans have returned from Turkey, 30,000 from Spain.

+++ United Arab Emirates prohibit passenger flights +++

All passenger flights to the United Arab Emirates are canceled for at least two weeks from Wednesday. Transit flights are also affected by the ban. The airports in Abu Dhabi are important hubs for Etihad Airways and Dubai for Emirates Airlines.

“According to the latest government directive from the United Arab Emirates, Emirates will temporarily suspend all passenger flights from March 25, 2020,” said a press spokesman at the request of the star. “Emirates continues to operate freighter flights, helping to maintain key international airfreight connections for business and society. ” Etihad Airways will also stop all passenger flights to and from Abu Dhabi from 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, according to a press release.

News from Monday, the 2nd3rd. March:

+++ yawning emptiness because of Corona – last tourists leave Mallorca +++

An open hotel – for only one guest: the holiday stronghold Platja de Palma on Mallorca, which is usually popular with Germans, is currently in a state of emergency. “The last

Holidaymakers will be returning home today, but at the latest tomorrow, “said the managing director of the hotel association. The seven guests who had stayed before had already started their journey home on Sunday.

In mid-March, the Spanish government announced the alarm and imposed a nationwide curfew. Immediately afterwards, hoteliers and tour operators in Mallorca had started organizing return flights for tourists scattered all over the island. The vacationers as well as the locals were affected by the strict curfew.

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News from March 21st:

+++ Emirates temporarily ceases all flights to Germany +++

One of the largest international airlines will soon be flying to fewer destinations worldwide and in Europe. According to the news agency Reuters and, in addition to the New York airports JFK and Newark, airports in countries such as France and Germany are no longer served. Flight operations to and from Dubai are to be discontinued “until further notice” from March 23. In Germany, the routes from Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Hamburg to Dubai would then be affected.

Emirates flew from Dubai to Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and Düsseldorf with the Airbus A380.

Emirates flew from Dubai to Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and Düsseldorf with the Airbus A380.

In the past few days, Emirates had switched several flights from the Airbus A380 to the smaller Boeing 777, and deleted some flight pairs altogether. Short-term departures from Germany will also not be available on the website from next week. Other media reports say Emirates is considering leaving all of its Airbus A380 jets on the ground.

Friday, March 20 news:

+++ Tui suspends worldwide travel program until April 23rd +++

Travel company Tui, which has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, has suspended its entire travel program until April 23. With the decision, Tui wants to give holidaymakers planning security for the Easter holidays. Vacationers whose Tui trip falls within this period would be informed. Tui had previously suspended his program until March 27.

“At the moment we are working around the clock to bring all vacationers home safely and reliably,” said Marek Andryszak from Tui. Up to 40 Tuifly flights therefore start every day with holidaymakers from Egypt, Spain, Madeira and Cape Verde. “This is the largest return campaign in our company’s history. With more than 350 flights, we have been bringing back several tens of thousands of German guests since Sunday,” said Andryszak.

+++ Three corona cases on cruise ship off Sydney +++

Two passengers and a crew member of a cruise ship in Sydney have tested positive for the corona virus. The “Ruby Princess”, on which 2,700 passengers and 1,100 crew members were, had landed in front of the Australian metropolis on Thursday after a trip around New Zealand. Then 13 people were tested who felt uncomfortable. The rest were sent home with the requirement to stay at home for 14 days.

News from Thursday, March 19:

+++ Lufthansa cuts flight program even more +++

The Lufthansa Group is cutting its flight program even more than previously known due to the corona crisis. Until April 19, only about five percent of the originally planned flights would take place, the Dax group announced on Thursday when presenting the annual balance in Frankfurt. Around 700 of the Group’s 763 passenger jets remained on the ground for the time being. Fernverbindungen bietet die Lufthansa vorerst nur noch ab Frankfurt und dreimal pro Woche mit der Tochter Swiss ab Zürich an. In München sollen nur noch Kurzstreckenflüge des Ablegers Cityline abheben. Die Maschinen sollen vorwiegend Deutsche aus dem Ausland zurückholen.

Zu einer Prognose für die Geschäftsentwicklung in diesem Jahr sah sich Vorstandschef Carsten Spohr weiterhin nicht in der Lage. “Die Verbreitung des Coronavirus hat die gesamte Weltwirtschaft und auch unser Unternehmen in einen bislang ungekannten Ausnahmezustand versetzt”, sagte der Manager. Die Folgen könne derzeit niemand absehen. “Je länger diese Krise andauert, desto wahrscheinlicher wird es, dass die Zukunft der Luftfahrt ohne staatliche Hilfe nicht gewährleistet werden kann.”

+++ Australien und Neuseeland schließen Grenzen im Kampf gegen Coronavirus +++

Im Kampf gegen eine weitere Ausbreitung des neuartigen Coronavirus schließen Australien und Neuseeland ihre Grenzen. Australiens Premierminister Scott Morrison teilte am Donnerstag mit, ab Freitagabend gelte ein Einreiseverbot für alle, die keine Staatsbürger seien oder ein ständiges Aufenthaltsrecht hätten. Die neuseeländische Regierungschefin Jacinda Ardern erklärte, das Einreiseverbot gelte für alle Touristen, Inhaber befristeter Visa wie Studenten und Besitzer einer befristeten Arbeitserlaubnis.

Australien und Neuseeland haben eine Reihe von Maßnahmen verhängt, um eine Ausbreitung des Virus zu bremsen, von Schulschließungen und anderen Verordnungen zur Einschränkung der Bewegungsfreiheit bislang aber abgesehen. Australien hat bislang 642 bestätigte Infektionsfälle registriert, Neuseeland 28 Fälle. Morrison zufolge infizierten sich rund 80 Prozent der australischen Betroffenen in Übersee oder durch Rückkehrer aus dem Ausland.

Nachrichten von Dienstag, den 17. März:

+++ Balearen-Regierung ruft 25.000 Touristen zum Verlassen der Inseln auf +++

Wegen der Coronavirus-Krise hat die Regionalregierung der Balearen alle auf Mallorca und den anderen spanischen Inseln noch verbliebenen Touristen dazu aufgerufen, schnellstmöglich in ihre Heimat zurückzukehren. Es mache keinen Sinn, dass die Menschen in den Hotels eingesperrt blieben, sagte Regionalpräsidentin Francina Armengol am Dienstag.

Man arbeite an einer “Operation Rückkehr” für alle ausländischen und spanischen Besucher der Inseln, sagte sie. Am Montag waren bereits 25 Sonderflüge von den Balearen-Flughäfen vor allem Richtung Deutschland und England gestartet. Gleichzeitig wurden aber nach Behördenangaben auch 67 reguläre Flüge storniert.

Piloten bei der Landung

Die Streichungen und Überbuchungen hätten vor allem auf dem Flughafen von Palma beträchtliche Sorge und Unruhe unter Touristen ausgelöst, die zurück in die Heimat wollten, berichtete die Regionalzeitung “Diario de Mallorca”. Das Auswärtige Amt startete eine Rückholaktion für Tausende Deutsche, die wegen Reisebeschränkungen in der Coronavirus-Krise im Ausland festsitzen. Dafür werden nach Angaben von Außenminister Heiko Maas bis zu 50 Millionen Euro zur Verfügung gestellt.

+++ Rückholaktion: Tausende deutsche Touristen sitzen im Ausland fest +++

Die Bundesregierung hat eine beispiellose Rückholaktion für tausende Deutsche gestartet, die wegen der Coronakrise im Ausland gestrandet sind. Außenminister Heiko Maas sprach am Dienstag von einer “Luftbrücke” vor allem für Urlauber in Marokko, der Dominikanischen Republik, den Philippinen, Ägypten und auf den Malediven. Gleichzeitig sprach Maas eine formelle, weltweite Reisewarnung für touristische Reisen aus. Auch das hat es so noch nicht gegeben. Reisewarnungen werden normalerweise nur bei Gefahr für Leib und Leben ausgesprochen, vor allem für Bürgerkriegsländer wie Syrien, Afghanistan oder Jemen. Sie können kostenlose Stornierungen ermöglichen.

Allein in Marokko sind es laut Maas 4000 bis 5000 Personen. Die Regierung in Rabat hatte am Sonntag bis zum 31. März fast alle internationale Verkehrsverbindungen – Flüge und Fähren – eingestellt. Die Dominikanische Republik in der Karibik hat seit Montag für einen Monat alle Flüge von und nach Europa ausgesetzt. Am Donnerstag wird Ägypten folgen. Geplant ist nun, dass Flugzeuge gechartert werden, um vor allem Pauschaltouristen zurück nach Hause zu bringen. Die Gestrandeten würden “im Laufe der nächsten Tage” zurückgeholt, sagte Maas. Betroffene können sich auf der Internetseite des Auswärtigen Amts über die weiteren Planungen informieren und sich in eine Krisenvorsorgeliste eintragen.

Nachrichten von Montag, den 16. März:

+++ Kanada erlässt Einreiseverbot wegen neuartigen Coronavirus +++

Inmitten der Coronavirus-Pandemie erlässt auch Kanada ein Einreiseverbot für Ausländer. Dies gelte aber zunächst nicht für US-Amerikaner, sagte Ministerpräsident Justin Trudeau bei einer Pressekonferenz am Montag in Ottawa. Er rief alle Kanadier im Ausland zur sofortigen Heimreise auf: “Wenn Sie im Ausland sind, ist es Zeit, dass sie nach Hause kommen”. Gerade Heimkehrer müssten sich in freiwillige Isolation begeben. Kanada und die USA teilen eine Tausende Kilometer lange Grenze und sind wirtschaftlich eng verflochten. Trudeau rief zur Solidarität mit den Mitmenschen auf: “Rufen sie ihre Freunde und Familie an, denken Sie an ihre Gemeinde.”

+++ Ägypten, Algerien und Jordanien schränken Luftverkehr ein +++

Ägypten kündigte an, alle internationalen Flüge ab Donnerstag und bis 31. März auszusetzen. Damit solle ein Ausbruch verhindert werden, sagte Ministerpräsident Mustafa Madbuli am Montag. In Ägypten wurden bisher 126 Infektionen mit Sars-CoV-2 und zwei Todesfälle gemeldet. “Die Bürger haben eine Verantwortung, sie sollten nicht fahrlässig handeln oder die Lage unterschätzen”, sagte Madbuli.

Algerien erklärte, alle Flüge von und nach Europa ab Donnerstag auszusetzen. Wie lange diese Regelung gilt, teilte die Regierung nicht mit. In Algerien sind 54 Menschen offiziell infiziert.

In Jordanien werden ab Dienstag vorerst sämtliche Flüge ausgesetzt. Heimkehrer aus dem Ausland werden dort für 14 Tage in staatlich zur Verfügung gestellten Einrichtungen und Hotels in Quarantäne gestellt. Jordanien meldete bisher insgesamt 18 Fälle, darunter sechs Franzosen und ein britischer Tourist.

Zuvor hatte die Regierung des Libanon erklärt, ab Mittwoch alle Grenzen, den landesweit einzigen Flughafen sowie Häfen des Landes zu schließen. Die Regelung gilt vorerst bis 29. März.

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