Austria – The leader of the far right is offended that he is believed to be vaccinated


The only defender of vaccination at this level of responsibility in Europe, Herbert Kickl vehemently responded to rumors that said he was secretly vaccinated.


The leader of the Austrian far-right Herbert Kickl waved on Friday on television a medical certificate proving that he did not have Covid-19 antibodies, in order to “cut short the rumors” according to which he would have been made “Vaccinate in secret”.

The only defender of vaccination at this level of responsibility in this central European country, the head of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) summoned the press to retort “a frontal attack on his credibility”.

According to him, a political opponent has spread the rumor that he has received an injection, contrary to what he has been saying publicly for months.

Inadmissible for the former Minister of the Interior, who lodged a complaint against the person concerned.

To prove his good faith to voters, Herbert Kickl released a video showing him taking a blood test, then a doctor attesting to the absence of antibodies. A copy of the lab results was also distributed to journalists.

“I am fighting the caste system established in Austria because of the coronavirus,” he said. “Now, we have the vaccinated at the top who dominate the unvaccinated, deprived of liberty.”

Hardening of the pass

Austria is gradually tightening the health pass introduced in the spring and from October, only vaccinated and cured people will be able to access stadiums and large performance halls in Vienna.

Unvaccinated people will no longer have access to it, even if they test negative.

With 60.1% of the population fully vaccinated, Austria, which is one of the richest countries in the world, is falling behind.

A brake on the conservative chancellor Sebastian Kurz attributed to the support given by Herbert Kickl to the coronasceptic and conspiratorial movements.

Within the European Union, the vaccination rate, which varies greatly from one country to another, is currently 63.4%, with Portugal leading the way (83.4%), while Bulgaria is at the back of the pack (18.8%).


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