Austria’s fastest Zillen drivers come from the Erla fire department

2023-09-19 19:35:00

“It’s incredible: the Amstetten district won the most important classes at the federal water brigade competition in Lebring on the Mur at the weekend,” says Josef Fuchsberger, deputy Amstett district fire brigade commander and commander of the Ernsthofen volunteer fire brigade.

More than 500 teams at the start

David Frank and Manuel Mayrhofer from FF Erla took first place in the Zillen two-man bronze class A. Third place went to Simon Ebner and Richard Reinwein from FF Kematen.

To top it off, Frank and Mayrhofer also took victory in the coveted Zillen-Zweier Silver Class A class. Philipp Fürst and Jakob Frank, also from Erla, took third place ahead of Ebner and Reinwein.

“The national competitions take place every four years. More than 500 Zillen crews from all over Austria took part,” emphasizes Fuchsberger, who followed the competitions on the Mur himself: “The achievements from our district are really incredible.”

The fire departments of Wallsee, Strengberg, Euratsfeld and Zeillern also achieved considerable success. The FF Preinsbach provided a successful father-son duo with Christian and Stefan Schweighofer. With Deacon Franz Wimmer from the FF Behamberg, a clergyman was also able to qualify for the national final.

Team spirit is important

“Driving on the Zillen requires strength, skill, team spirit, and experience doesn’t hurt either,” says Fuchsberger, “which makes it all the nicer that many young people are joining our fire departments and are motivated.” In the event of flooding, the small and maneuverable Zillen are often the first rescue vehicle.


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