in Helsinki, community life to stay active

The Finnish Active Seniors Association has already built two residences and plans to build a third one. Their inhabitants organize their lives to stay active as long as possible. By Anne-Françoise Hivert Posted today at 09:32, updated at 09:58 Time to Reading 3 min. The residential area of ​​Kalasatama, Helsinki, October 2014. SAMI HALINEN / … Read more

a shooting in California makes four dead and six wounded

According to preliminary evidence, one or more shooters entered a residence in Fresno where about 35 people gathered for a family reunion. Four young men were killed and six others were wounded on Sunday, November 17, during a shooting in Fresno, California, USA, the spokesman for the local police said. According to the first elements … Read more

Pierre Henry, composition with time

His archives found refuge at the Cité de la Musique, which orchestrated them with accuracy. And the Philharmonie dedicates him four days. The studio Son / Ré of Pierre Henry. Charles of Herouville They are jubilant, Isabelle Warnier-Henry and Bernadette Mangin. The wife and the right arm of Pierre Henry have had difficulty however to … Read more

Adults working with children: the Defender of Rights asks for the systematic consultation of the children's locker

"Children are still too often victims of violence or harassment, committed by professionals or by peers," said Rights Defender Jacques Toubon and his deputy Geneviève Avenard, Children's Advocate, in their annual report on human rights. of the child. Wednesday will be the International Day of the Rights of the Child, and the 30th anniversary of … Read more