Authoritarian drift in Tunis, gasoline shortage in the United Kingdom …


Kaïs Saïed on omnipotence

“Kaïs Saïed the one, the only one … in charge”, site title Business News September 22, the day after the Tunisian President announced new exceptional measures. Not only does the decree perpetuate the suspension of Parliament – which entered into force on July 25 – but it gives new powers to Saïed to legislate by decree, chair the Council of Ministers and enact laws in all areas.

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Several demonstrations were organized against this confiscation of power which made some fear a return to dictatorship, swept away in 2011 by the “Arab Spring”.


End of the run for Carles Puigdemont

For four years, Madrid have considered him a fugitive. Exiled in Europe, Carles Puigdemont, accused of having proclaimed the independence of Catalonia after an illegal referendum in 2017, was arrested on September 23 in Sardinia. The former president of the Catalan autonomous government, MEP since 2019, could be extradited to Spain and tried for attempted secession. The affair “endangers the dialogue” between Pedro Sanchez, head of government, and Pere Aragones, president of the Catalonia region, comment The world. Several separatist voices have already called on the latter to break off all negotiations with Madrid.


Dry gas stations

Anguish grips the British, faced with a shortage of gasoline. In question, the lack of truck drivers to transport fuel, a consequence of Brexit which has scared thousands of foreign drivers and complicates the hiring of new ones. “We are living the consequences of the hard deal Boris Johnson has chosen to make with Europe”, regret it Guardian. Faced with the crisis, London has waived its post-Brexit migration policy reserving visas for skilled workers, and released 10,000 provisional permits.


Women’s victory in Parliament

Record broken in Europe. At the end of the legislative elections of September 26, which reinforced the heterogeneous coalition (conservatives, center-right and Greens) in power, the Parliament had 30 female deputies out of its 63 seats, or 47.6%, ahead of Sweden until then in top of the European ranking. The first country in the world to elect a woman president in 1980, Iceland is at the forefront of feminism. “It offers the same parental leave to men and women, and its first law on equal pay dates back to 1961”, remind her BBC.


Biden revives the Quad against China

After the Aukus partnership concluded with the United Kingdom and Australia, Joe Biden is continuing his redeployment to Asia. After a virtual summit in March, he received his Indian, Japanese and Australian counterparts on September 24 to consolidate the “Quad”, a dialogue between these four partners formalized in 2007.

“Two anti-China blocs are emerging in parallel. While Aukus has the appearance of a stricter military pact, the Quad emphasizes projects of soft power such as the distribution of vaccines in South-East Asia “, note it Washington Post.


Bolsonaro’s entourage contaminated

In New York for the United Nations General Assembly, members of the Brazilian delegation displayed themselves on the terrace, most of them without a mask. Four were tested positive at the end of the stay, including the son of President Bolsonaro and the Minister of Health – yet vaccinated – Marcelo Queiroga, forced into quarantine in the United States. “This contamination comes at a particularly inopportune time for Bolsonaro”, remark The Country Brazil. The head of state, criticized for his management of the epidemic – which has killed nearly 595,000 people in Brazil – continues to insist that he will be “the last Brazilian to be vaccinated”.


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The “princess of Huawei” freed

On the tarmac at Shenzhen airport, Meng Wanzhou was greeted like a star on the red carpet. The financial director of telecoms giant Huawei returned to China on September 25 after three years of house arrest in Canada – at the request of the United States, which accused her of bank fraud, in application of the sanctions imposed on the Iran. A few hours earlier, two Canadians arrested in China following the arrest of Wanzhou had been released. While defending itself, “Beijing has brandished a formidable political tool: to use foreign nationals detained as a bargaining chip”, analyze the New York Times. As in the days of the cold war.



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