Automobile: exports at more than 89 billion dirhams at the end of October

Workers at the Renault factory in Tangier. FADEL SENNA / AFP

Automotive sector exports amounted to 89.18 billion dirhams (MMDH) for the first ten months of this year, up 36.7% compared to the end of October 2021, according to the Foreign Exchange Office.

These exports thus reach their highest level during the same period over the last five years, indicates the Office which has just published its recent monthly indicators of foreign trade.

This increase concerns sales of the construction segment (+54%) and those of the wiring segment (+24.6%), specifies the same source, noting that exports of the segment of vehicle interiors and seats remain almost stable.

Regarding sales of phosphates and derivatives, they increased by 63% to more than 100.13 billion dirhams, following the increase in exports of natural and chemical fertilizers (+30.72 billion dirhams) due to the price effect which more than doubled (8,770DH/T at the end of October 2022 against 4,411DH/T at the end of October 2021).

At the same time, exports of the agricultural and agri-food sector stood at more than 66.95 billion dirhams at the end of October 2022, up 19.9% ​​compared to the same period of 2021. This development is explained by the simultaneous increase sales from the food industry (+22.1%) and agriculture, forestry and hunting (+16.9%).

For their part, textile and leather exports increased by 24.4% (+7.35 billion dirhams) in the first ten months of the year, due to the increase in sales of ready-made clothing (+26, 2%), knitwear (+16.6%) and footwear (+31.5%).

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