Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí The CDU approved the reinstatement of Dr. Ismael Herrera Benavente as director of the Faculty of Medicine

In an ordinary session corresponding to the month of January of the H. University Board of Directors (CDU), Dr. Ismael Francisco Herrera Benavente was approved for reincorporation to his activities as director of the Faculty of Medicine, who for health reasons was absent from his work. The request for his reinstatement was made on January 13 of this year.

In the first instance, Dr. Alejandro Javier Zermeño, thanked Dr. Maribel Martínez Díaz for having served as interim director of the Faculty of Medicine during the absence of Dr. Ismael Francisco Herrera, and with this provision, Dr. Martínez Díaz will continue with her duties. Secretary General of the Faculty.

In another point of the agenda, the Faculty of Medicine presented the request for the modification of the academic program of the Specialty in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. While the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities announced the proposal to use the legend “20 years forging social scientists and humanists in San Luis Potosí”, during the year 2022. Both requests approved.

Finally, the School Services Division submitted a request for approval to issue 9 diplomas by Specialty, as well as 30 Master’s degrees and 4 Doctorate degrees. For its part, the Pension and Retirement Commission released the corresponding opinions for approval.

The session was chaired by Dr. Alejandro Zermeño, who was accompanied by the General Secretary, Professor Federico Garza Herrera, as well as the directors, teacher advisors, and students from all the Faculties and University Campuses.

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