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They failed in 2020. Back to the why and how and their possibilities to bounce back. Today, the worst team of 2020: the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The results

One victory and only one! They had yet started 2020 with a bang with this victory and against a division rival please (Colts). How ambitious these September Jaguars seemed.

The following ? Fifteen defeats! Some tight as against the Titans (week 2) or the Texans (week 9), others by drinking the cup (from their pool in the grandstand): Steelers (s11) or Ravens (s15). 28th attack and 31st defense. There you go.

If Gardner Minshew is not a top quarterback, his 2019 season gave some assurances about the most important position. Injured then put on the bench, he could not bring as much as he could. The exchange sending Yannick Ngakoue to Minnesota further weakened a defense that was already lacking in talent. All in an atmosphere that does not breathe winning, from the lack of charisma of coach Doug Marrone to the procrastination of managers.

The flop: David Caldwell, General Manager

Ex-GM should we say since he has since been sacked. Is he the only one responsible for a 1-15 season? No. Yet he is the one who was in charge of recruiting, so this failure is primarily his. And it started very badly when, for his first draft, he selected with the number 2 choice an offensive tackle who would never be even a decent player in the NFL: Luke Joeckel. In his defense, the player was at that time envisioned as a future Pro Bowler. This was not the case with other first round picks like Taven Bryan (DL / 2018) or playing a position questioning the use of a top 5 pick (Leonard Fournette 2017).

If he also made some good choices as in 2016 with Jalen Ramsey (CB), Myles Jack (LB) and Yannnick Ngakoue (DE), David Caldwell is especially the one who bet the future of the franchise on the quarterback Blake Bortles in 2014 ! In addition to the draft, his inability to retain key elements like Jalen Ramsey, Yannick Ngakoue, Calais Campbell, AJ Bouye or Allen Robinson has given these 2020 Jaguars a starving workforce.

Reason for Hope: Trevor Lawrence

Forget the hype, focus on the player. In 2021, he’ll be an NFL rookie so, of course, he’ll make mistakes against more athletic and smarter defenses than at the college level. However, his talent is undeniable. Vision, power of the arm, leadership and calm character, the ability to gain yards on the ground if necessary … He has it all.

In addition, his potential is the “seller” element when it comes to hiring a top trainer. The Jaguars are unlikely to make the playoffs in 2021 but having such talent in the most important position can allow them to rebuild with hope and ambition.

How to start again

The layoffs of Caldwell, but also of coach Doug Marrone, give a completely blank sheet to draw a new story.

If the new sports director is not yet appointed, the man in charge will have at his disposal what to restart in the best possible way. With more than 70 million dollars of leeway, the Jaguars have enough to attract quality players during the free agency. In addition to the first choice of the 2021 draft, the franchise also has 3 other draft picks in the Top 50. Jacksonville therefore has enough to strengthen the workforce with both confirmed players and young talent.

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