Autopsy indicates that traces were found in the mouth of Keyla Martínez


The development of technical-scientific research carried out by Forensic Medicine reveal new findings regarding the death of the Nursing student Keyla Patricia Martínez Rodríguez.

The autopsy indicates that traces were found in her mouth, as if third parties were trying to prevent her from being heard by the other people who were detained that night at the police headquarters in The hope.

Yuri Mora, spokesperson for the Public ministry, said that “the Department of Trademarks and Patterns of Forensic Medicine he is analyzing the clothes that the girl was wearing ”.

This is intended to find evidence to help strengthen research and consolidate the thesis that has gained more strength and that is Keyla Martinez He died of mechanical asphyxia, and therefore it was not a suicide.

Mora also pointed out that “cell phone tests (of the suspects and the victim) and analysis of the security cameras are being carried out, both at the post office and in the city (The hope)”.


The Security Secretary isolated 12 police elements in the facilities of this office of State waiting for a call from Public ministry to be investigated for said death.

The 12 policemen were on duty when the young woman’s death occurred. “Work continues, but no statement has been taken from the police, there is no specific day for them to do so. The investigations continue to have more elements and based on that have a better support for the interrogation, “argued Mora.

Of the 12 in question, seven of them would be the ones who were closest to Keyla Martínez.


The laboratory analyzes carried out in Forensic Medicine reveal that Keyla Martinez he had 290 milligrams of alcohol per hundred milliliters in his blood and 360 milligrams per hundred milliliters in his urine, which explains that he had moderate intoxication.


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