Autumn? Summer continues on these islands

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Is summer over soon? Not on these islands!

From seething mud lakes to picture-perfect fishing villages: each of the seven inhabited Aeolian Islands is unique in its own way. The archipelago near Sicily is a worthwhile holiday destination well into autumn.

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Dhe Aeolian Islands, north of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea, have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for 20 years. The archipelago is a worthwhile holiday destination well into autumn. Bathing is still in November, hikers climb extinct and not extinct volcanoes or stroll between vineyards and caper fields.

Each of the seven inhabited islands is unique in its own way. Salina, for example, consists of two volcanoes almost 1000 meters high. Both are long extinct, but their black, mustard-yellow or bright red rock characterizes the spectacular landscape.

The locals take pride in the beauty of their island, but kept it to themselves for a long time. They did not want mass tourism, and so the creation of tourist infrastructure was deliberately neglected. In the meantime, there are more visitors, but places like Malfa still seem sleepy and pleasantly provincial even in the high season, especially in Corona summer 2020.

Aeolian Islands near Sicily in Italy

Source: Infographic WELT / Jörn Baumgarten

Some consider Salina to be the most exciting of the Aeolian Islands. The neighboring islands also have their own charms and invite you to go island hopping:

Vulcano: Bathing in Schammseen

Admittedly, the island smells like rotten eggs. Hot steam flows from various holes in the ground, in places Vulcano looks like a bizarre moonscape. All kinds of sulfur springs feed natural mud lakes, whose healing properties were already appreciated by the Romans and the locals and tourists serve as a health-promoting meeting point. You just have to pinch your nose there.

Elegants bathed man im „Therasia Resort Sea & Spa“, which is considered one of the best wellness hotels south of Rome.

On Vulcano, tourists take a sulfur bath in the fango pool

On Vulcano, tourists take a sulfur bath in the fango pool

Source: mauritius images / Werner Otto

Lipari: The largest of the Aeolian Islands

On the largest of the Aeolian Islands there are cars, schools, a hospital, a archaeological museum and a long sandy beach with bathing establishments. There are also plenty of hotels and pensions, trattorias and cafés.

In the evening, when the day-trippers are gone, you meet at the port of the pretty fishing village of Marina Corta and have an aperitivo in peace. Then the best thing to do is to order shrimp tartare and pistachio pasta in one of the restaurants.

Coast Guard frees sperm whale from fishing net

The coast guard has freed a sperm whale from a fishing net off the coast of Italy. The ten-meter-long animal was caught in the net off the Aeolian island of Salina.

Those: WELT / Coast Guard

Stromboli: an active volcano and black beaches

When you think of Stromboli, you think of the film of the same name by Roberto Rossellini with Ingrid Bergman in the leading role. Almost 400 people live on the island in two enchanted villages at the foot of a volcano that regularly spits lava.

Sun worshipers are drawn to the black beaches of Ficogrande, where the chic hotel is also located “The little Mermaid” with a pool and a view of the Strombolicchio rock. Gourmets appreciate the Ristorante “Punta Lena” with the best island cuisine and terrace directly above the cliffs.

Stromboli is an active volcano that regularly spits lava

Stromboli is an active volcano that regularly spits lava

Those: Getty Images / Gianni Sarasso

Panarea: excursions by boat

Although the postcard-pretty island doesn’t offer a single beach, it does have a large number of islets and enough fishing boats that can be hired for excursions. Insiders buy lunch in the mini market and later dive into the crystal clear water around the rocks of Basiluzzo, Dattilo or Lisca Bianca.

Panarea is also suitable for people watching: When someone is in the “Hotel Raya” what Naomi Campbell looks like, then it’s Naomi Campbell, and in the “Bar del Porto” you can see the who’s who of the Sicilian in-crowd at the evening aperitif.

Aeolian Islands (Italy): On Panarea there are also hiking trails with breathtaking views

There are hiking trails on Panarea with breathtaking views

Those: Getty Images / Antonio Busiello

Filicudi: A rugged rock with beautiful grottos

The island is a roughly ten square kilometers large, rugged rock. The three volcanic cones are extinct, during their active time they gave Filicudi a number of beautiful grottos. Almost exclusively Italians vacation here with their own villa and boat, so it’s quiet.

The port village of Pecorini, which consists of a few houses, can only be reached by water. The restaurant and beach club “The Mermaid” offers the only public social meeting place far and wide.

Approach by boat: one of the caves on Filicudi (Aeolian Islands, Italy)

You can get closer to the Filicudi caves by boat

Those: De Agostini via Getty Images / DEA / S. MONTANARI

Alicudi: 150 residents and a couple of donkeys

Those who find it too stressful on Filicudi can go to Alicudi. Only 150 residents and a few donkeys live there.

Aeolian Islands near Sicily (Italy): Only 150 people live on Alicudi

Quiet is really guaranteed here: only 150 people live on Alicudi

Quelle: Universal Images Group via Getty Images/Marka

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