Avalanche in Averstal GR: Dogs buried save their lives

Two people were on Saturday afternoon shortly after 3 p.m. with their two dogs on the hiking trail in the farthest part of the Averstal when they were buried by an avalanche. This had spontaneously dissolved on the opposite slope. The avalanche fell in the bed of the Mugmolbach and the cone finally reached over the valley floor to the slightly elevated path, as stated in a message from Rega. Her two dogs, however, had not been caught by the snow masses and began to bark loudly after the decline and to run back and forth over the avalanche cone.

The dogs caught the attention of a group of snowshoeers walking some distance in the same valley. But they had not seen the avalanche fall. The snowshoe hikers immediately made their way to the avalanche cone and, according to Rega estimates, arrived there fifteen to twenty minutes after the avalanche had set.

On site, they discovered a hand sticking out of the snow and immediately began to dig up the buried person. At the same time, they alerted the Rega operations center, which the crew at the Rega base in Samedan called up. The first person was quickly dug up by the group. Fortunately, the second person, from whom nothing could be seen, was quickly located and freed from the snow masses. Both people were only slightly injured and were flown to the hospital by the Rega crew with slight hypothermia.

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