Avatar 2: A Harry Potter actor joins the cast as Na’vi

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It’s the Na’vi Nation fans who will be happy! Since we know that the shooting ofAvatar 2 is about to resume in New Zealand, new details on the plot of the film are unveiled every week. Today is news about the casting of James Cameron’s opus that is making a lot of noise. And for good reason, according to Comicbook, an actor from the Harry Potter saga has been chosen to play the role of Na’vi in ​​the future installment. It is David Thewlis, famous for having played Professor Remus Lupine, the friend of Sirius Black in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

David Thewlis in the Harry Potter saga

For the moment, no other details concerning his role have been revealed. In contrast, in a recent interview given to Total Movie, David Thewlis revealed that he was somewhat destabilized by the shooting. Indeed, as Na’vi, its performance is entirely achieved in mo-cap. “I have no idea what my scenes will be like because there are about 16 guys in the room with cameras but they are just shooting reference shots that James Cameron can watch later“he said. Before concluding:”For the first time, I felt like a newcomer, like it was my very first shoot. I worked for 35 years and yet I felt very naive because nothing applied to everything I had learneds “. It promises! While waiting to learn more, check out this new photo from the shoot of Avatar 2 which reveals the Matador and Picador human vessels.



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