Avengers video game fails and causes millions in losses to Square Enix

Apparently the Avengers video game has not been able to become the success expected by the Square Enix company according to a recent report of its financial results. The hype in back of Marvel’s Avengers It was great, but the performance was totally opposite to what one could imagine of a product like this and the numbers show that this bet of the Japanese company, at least for now, is a great failure of which not even the number of sales, probably due to the magnitude of the monetary losses it represents for those who developed the game.

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The bad news was released through Twitter, where the analyst David Gibson revealed the millionaire loss left by the video game starring the popular Marvel characters (via Heroic Hollywood). In a series of tweets published recently, it is revealed that Square Enix has already lost more than US $ 63 million according to the report that took into account six months until last September 30. Although the company did not disclose sales figures for Marvel’s Avengers, Gibson says that sales are only 60 percent of what was initially projected for the launch of the video game.

He also shared that everything indicates that it had a budget of about US $ 100 million and that it seems that it has barely managed to sell 3 million copies. It is difficult to know exactly what the reason was, because in reality there seem to be several that would explain the disaster that the Avengers video game is being that promised so much. One of them could be the fact that none of the characters are similar to the actors in the movies, which surely reduced the interest of many potential buyers who might have been interested as soon as it was announced.

Aside from how disappointing it might be that the player was unable to control Iron Man from Robert Downey Jr. or Captain America of Chris Evans, to mention a couple of examples, there is the way in which it was announced that it was going to be monetized and that, of course, was not to the liking of those who were interested in acquiring the new Square Enix product, since instead of a video game as such, was becoming more of a service.

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Square Enix: Reported a 6.5 billion yen loss for the HD Games division powered by Marvel’s Avengers, did not say how many were sold, but volumes were 60% of plan. It implies that the game cost more than $ 100 million to make, but only about 3 million were sold. Oh.

Marvel’s Avengers: It appears the total cost of the game is closer to $ 170 million – $ 190 million given that they only spend 70% of the cost in the quarter plus marketing costs. Why someone didn’t say stop releasing the multiplayer beta will remain a mystery. Square is convinced that they can recover …

You don’t have to be an expert in video games to know that any title that follows the line of Video Games as a Service (GaaS or Games as a Service) represents a problem for consumers and businesses who do not know how to incite microtransactions for a product that people feel they have already bought when paying the amount it costs to access the game. Marvel’s Avengers It did not come out well when this side of its operation became known, in which to be able to have other characters or costumes you have to pay more money.

However, there were also serious flaws found since its launch on September 4. A review by Stevivor found a myriad of bugs in the game, at least for Xbox, where things like the screen would go black or missions that had been completed appeared as incomplete and rewards could not be obtained. Soon the developer, Crystal Dynamics, released a series of updates that made it playable, but consumer criticism and lousy reviews found on the Internet worsened any attempt to save the game.

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