Avril Haines, confirmed as new director of US Intelligence

Avril Haines, new director of US intelligence.

The Senate of U.S confirmed this Wednesday with a large majority to Avril Haines as new director of US intelligence, the first confirmation of the nominees by the president Joe Biden for your Cabinet. The vote ended with 84 votes in favor and 10 against.

Haines thus becomes the first woman to hold office as Director of National Intelligence, from which she will coordinate the 17 agencies of the US intelligence community.

“Given the fundamental importance of the role of the Director of National Intelligence for the security of our country, it is appropriate that Avril Haines has become the first member of the new Administration to be confirmed by the Senate in an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote,” celebrated the Democratic Senator Mark Warner.

In his confirmation hearing, he cited among the threats facing the US those of the “traditional state actors“, as well as those of a transnational nature such as the climate crisis, cyberattacks, terrorism, global organized crime, and disinformation campaigns.

Haines, 51, has wide experience after being the “number two” of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, in English) (2013-2015) and of the National Security team in the White House (2015-2017) under the presidency of Barack Obama.

He has a mixed profile, having first studied Physics and then graduated in Law, before going on to work in the Senate under the new president when he was a senator from Delaware.


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