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In my 50s, I woke up to the goodness of shaving. No, it feels good. Taking care of your beard is a daily thing, isn’t it?

However, I wanted to make it a premium time because it’s every day, so when I tried shaving with a razor, it felt good again, so I’m sharing it.

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how to shave

The reason why I decided to do a shaving comparison this time is because I heard about the depth of shaving at the barber shop I always go to. There are various kinds of beards, and the difficulty of shaving changes depending on various conditions such as hardness, density, and facial curves. Whoa.

First, I researched how to shave.

How to shave with an electric shaver

The commentary on the popular blog, GIGAZINE, has many images and is easy to understand.

  1. Hold the shaver blade at a right angle
  2. shave lightly
  3. While stretching the skin and raising the beard
  4. Shaving slowly

>>I was taught how to use the electric shaver correctly by the people inside – GIGAZINE

Tips and tricks for shaving with a razor

The basic method of shaving with a razor is “shaving from top to bottom”. Here are some shaving tips:

  • Sudden reverse warping hurts the skin
  • Moisturize your beard
  • 7-10 days for replacement blades
  • The more blades, the more distributed the load

>>How to shave properly from a barber | R25

Recently, shaving gels that do not require a steamed towel have been released, so many people prefer razors. Anyway, I think you should soften your beard.
>>When to replace the blade of an electric shaver (shaving) – Others (household appliances) Solved | Tell me! goo

Shaving cost performance comparison-I shaved half my face

So, I tried shaving half of my face with each method. Compare cost performance such as stroke and price.

5-blade razor (Kai)

I bought a Kaijirushi 5-blade razor recommended by a barber. After that, the shaving cream of milk soap, which was highly evaluated. For cost performance, the razor is 340 yen (2 pieces) on Amazon, and the cream is 324 yen.

It’s 3D moving, so it’s not a replaceable blade type, but the 5-blade razor moves around and feels good.

Wet your beard and apply shaving cream halfway to it and wait a bit. During this time, the shaving cream smells good and feels good.

Shaving from the top with “order shaving”. It feels so good! The 5-blade was recommended by a barber, but I didn’t know it had evolved so far. It’s smooth and comfortable, and it certainly feels like the load of the razor is distributed.

I heard that the longer the stroke, the better the shave. Awesome.

I was able to clean the razor cleanly and quickly by running water from the back side and cleaning the razor part with an old toothbrush.

Same number of strokes with an electric shaver

So, I shaved the other half with an electric shaver. For comparison, I tried the same number of strokes.

Click here for a shaving comparison with the same number of strokes. I almost don’t know which is which. It’s easier to shave my chin with an electric shaver, and I feel like my mustache and razor shave better.

Same number of strokes with “forward shaving”shaving comparison. As expected, there is no sledding with an electric shaver.

It’s probably gentler on the skin if you use a five-blade razor and shave in a short sequence. However, if you are worried about leaving your chin unshaved, I thought that using it with an electric shaver would be more cost-effective in terms of skin and time.

Until now, I felt like I was getting up with an electric shaving cream.

The lotion feels good after shaving

After shaving a few times with a razor and the face becomes clean, apply shaving lotion. This feels good again.

Recently, the moisturizing has evolved a lot, and in terms of how I work all day, my skin stays moisturized until the evening, and I was able to work comfortably all day long.

Well, after all, after learning the points from a professional, you will experience a completely different experience. So, now I’m shaving with a razor with 5 blades.

Calculated cost performance for shaving

I tried to calculate the cost performance for 3 years. It varies depending on the recommended environment and the thickness of the beard, so please read it as a reference only. Both after/pre-shave lotions are assumed to be used, so they are not included in the cost performance calculation.

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Milk brand shaving cream 80g

Milk brand shaving cream 80g

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Estimate cost performance in units of 3 years

Cost performance of electric shaver 30,929 yen (3 years)

Panasonic Spare Blade Ramdash Set Blade for Men’s Shaver ES9032
4,153 yen (calculated as replacement in 1 year)
Panasonic Ram dash men’s shaver 5 blades black ES-LV5A-K
18,470 yen

Cost performance of 5 blade razor 13,560 yen (3 years)

KAI RAZOR axia 5-blade holder with 1 spare blade
798 yen
KAI RAZOR axia 5 blade replacement blade 8 pieces
1,418 yen (4 months with 2 replacement blades per month) x 3 times x 3 years = 12,762 yen

my current shaving style

I think that the replacement blade will go up and down depending on the brand, such as Sick Hydro and Gillette, but if you look only at the cost performance, even if you replace the blade every other week, the razor is cheaper. Of course, the price of the main body of the electric shaver is also quite low, so if the price of the main body is kept down, I think it will be comparable cost performance.

For the time being, I currently use a 5-blade razor as my main, and I use it to shave areas that are difficult to shave with an electric shaver that costs several thousand yen, and to use it on business trips and in the evening at work. In terms of mental prime and cost performance, I feel that this operation is the best for me now.

I recommend it.

The world of shaving is deep

In England, there is a culture in which fathers teach their sons how to shave, so much attention is paid to grooming. When I looked it up, there were even some luxury brands. Cool.

Truefitt & Hill Edwardian Set (Ebony)

Truefitt & Hill Edwardian Set (Ebony)
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British royal family, purveyor of shaving set. What a luxurious feeling of 50,000 yen!

>>A complete guide to the “British Royal Warrant Items” that you can buy in Japan. – MEN’S EX – X BRAND

The above razor is a single blade replacement blade, and one is very cheap. On the other hand, the market for 5-blade razors is a business model where the main body holder is cheap and the replacement blades are expensive at around 200 yen, making money from the replacement blades. A market where consumables are expensive and durable goods are cheap. On the other hand, the above-mentioned high-end items are overwhelmingly cheap in consumables, and the market where holders that are touched every day are expensive.

After researching various things this time, I thought that someday I would like to prime my grooming time in the morning with a high-quality single-blade razor.

Merkur MERKUR (Germany) razor 334C (shaving) double-edged holder (with 10 + 1 spare blades, in plastic case)

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Amazon seems to sell it here. Is a spare blade 70 yen? Someday I too

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Shaving general information

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Ramdash review. I like the objective writing.
>>[Mini review of home appliances]A 5-blade shaver that can shave naturally is more refreshing than I thought! – Home appliances Watch

chic formula. Easy to understand how to choose shaving gel, gel, and shaving cream.
>>How to choose a shaving agent | Razor, shaving chic | Schick

Brown official. It is a comprehensive information site such as how to shave.
Know everything about “shaving, cutting, trimming”

If you have a thick beard, it is recommended that you use a smaller number of razor blades because the gap between the razor blades will be wider. KAI’s official shaving comprehensive site.
>>There are 3 blades, 4 blades, and 5 blades, but which one is better? |Razors|Men’s care tools|Frequently asked questions|Customer support|KAI

In order not to lose the razor, make fewer strokes and soften the beard.
>>How to shave without losing a razor

oh oh i want this
>>Double-edged razor for a close shave I can’t go back to 5 blades anymore

This kind of commitment is really amazing for Japanese people. It is said that diapers and women’s products are also very popular.
>>Overseas reaction! I LOVE JAPAN : Japanese high-end electric shaver acclaimed! reactions abroad.

The most difficult part of shaving is under the nose. Reverse shaving with a razor is introduced. For the time being, I’m just making a funny face lol.
>>mustache under nose


When I shaved and looked into it, I thought it was so deep. In my 40s, I feel like I’ve finally found the fun in life again.

Mustache style (OAK MOOK 236)

Mustache Style (OAK MOOK 236) Mook
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As I get older, I have to be more careful about my appearance, so I would like to continue to be particular about various things.

Razor with 5 blades, it feels really good.

・ ・ ・ ・ ・

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Feels good.

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