Aya Nakamura answers those who do not understand the texts of her songs!

If Aya Nakamura is a great success, she is also confronted with some detractors who do not hesitate to point the finger at the lyrics of her songs. Critics to which she responds …

Aya Nakamura will not have taken long to make a name for itself on the music scene. Better yet, the young woman can boast of seeing its success beyond our borders. Thus, she notably achieved the feat to count among his fans Madonna and her daughters .

Of course, the singer is very popular. And the least we can say is that she never leaves indifferent person. No, like many artists, she has the right to its share of detractors. Thus, the latter do not hesitate to point the finger regularly the texts of his songs which, according to them, would be incomprehensible.

“Sometimes the reviews are free”

Criticisms to which Aya Nakamura decided to respond. It is during an interview for TV 7 days that she declared:

It’s hard to understand the music and lyrics of an artist when you don’t put yourself in her shoes… Sometimes the reviews are free.

Aya Nakamura explains:

Some media have not bothered to discover me beyond the image of the girl who freaks out …

That has the merit of being clear.

Aya Nakamura angered Daily

Moreover, the singer has recently drawn the wrath of Daily. Expected on the set of the show presented by Yann Barthès, she finally canceled her visit at the last minute. What to provoke the wrath of the host of TMC.

An absence on which she wanted to justify herself … on the set of Do not touch My TV ! Questioned by Yann Barthès’ rival, she held to ease tensions :

It has nothing to do with the dancers, it’s really, as I tweeted, I had something to do, I have nothing against Daily!

However, nothing spoiled his happiness following the release of his third album, Aya. The latter is torn like hot cakes!

Aya Nakamura answers those who do not understand the texts of her songs!

The proof that the young woman is still also popular to the public.

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