Ayu Ting Ting says in front of Nikita Mirzani, make it big…

GenPI.co – Beautiful singer Ayu Ting Ting | got a game challenge in the YouTube show Crazy Nikmir Real.

With controversial actress Nikita Mirzani, Ayu Ting Ting was asked to quickly answer questions about her life.

Nikita Mirzani, whose nickname is Nikita Mirzani, asked about the position that this mother of one liked the most.

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Quickly, Ayu replied that she would rather be on top than down.

“If it’s at the bottom, it will flood later. So, I like it at the top,” he explained.

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singer Fake Address it then returns to answer the question duration the one he likes the most.

According to Ayu, she prefers the fast, but delicious so that she can get to her destination quickly.

“Rather than taking a long time, it’s not delicious, right. So, I like fast shipping so that the goods are delicious,” he added.

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