Ayus Sabyan and Nissa Sabyan Apologize, But Cheating Again

Suara.com – The news of the musician’s affair Ayus Sabyan with Nissa Sabyan this time confirmed by Fadhila Nova. He, who is the younger brother of Ayus, revealed that his brother and Nissa immediately apologized when they were caught playing adulterous first time.

“They both apologized and admitted that they had indeed been in this relationship for a long time,” said Nova when contacted by the Rumpi event team via video call, Thursday (18/2/2021).

Ayus wife, Eri Fitriyah alias Ririe Fairus, for the first time noticing an affair since 2019. Trying to be tough, Ririe accepted her husband’s apology.

But sorry from Ayus Sabyan just spilled out in his mouth without evidence. Yes, the keyboardist of the Sabyan Gambus music group was caught having an affair with Nissa again.

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“Finally, the family found out about the second affair,” said Nova.

Not giving up, Ayus and Nissa were caught having an affair four times. Ririe, who had run out of patience, decided to separate from the man who had given her two children.

“We are also still forgiving. But it happened the third and fourth times so that Eri decided to separate. I also met Nissa at that time so that Nissa would let my brother go. I was forgiven but it turned out that this happened again,” said Nova.

“Eri did not immediately tell the family about this problem, Eri only kept it to himself. Tried to solve the problem by himself. But finally Eri told me,” he said again.

Before Nova, the news of this affair was confirmed by Ririe Fairus’ sister, Tia, and her cousin. Even Tia and her cousin created content on TikTok regarding the news of the affair until it went viral.

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Until this article is compiled, both Ayus Sabyan and Nissa Sabyan have not appeared and provided clarification.

Ririe Fairus filed a divorce lawsuit against Ayus Sabyan to the North Jakarta Religious Court at the end of January. Along with the divorce process, the two now do not stay together.

Their divorce trial was held for the first time on Wednesday (17/2/2021). Ririe as the plaintiff attended, while Ayus was absent without news.

The trial is planned to be held again on March 5.


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