Ayutthaya Cafe Review | Hot weather like this must visit “The Summer Coffee Company”

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Hot weather like this invites you to add moisture at “The Summer Coffee Company” The best menu here Of course it has to be coffee. Whether it’s a dark line or a light line, you can choose. Classic menus such as Latte, Espresso, Americano or Cold brew come with a variety of good coffee beans that can be purchased to bring home with you, such as Columbia Eldiviso, Weekender and Tutti Fruiti. Kai Slider Extremely colorful and for the drip line, the brew line that still lacks a trusty weapon. There are also various accessories for sale here, including a set of ceramic coffee mugs. Coffee drip machine And stylish water bottles, etc. Plus, inside the shop, in the glass room next to it, there is also a coffee roasting plant open for us to see as well.

For those who are not coffee lovers This restaurant also has a drink menu. Non Coffee or Fresh Juice Also available are Apple Cinnamon, Summer Fizz, Matcha, Watermelon & Mint and Chocolate. The price is about 95-150 baht per glass for Signature menu The ones that have coffee ingredients are Summer Time, ThaiThai Dirty, Bitter Orange Coffee, Tiramisu Mocha and Ayutthaya Coffee. Prices are around 120 and 180 baht per cup.

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