Azian Business Forum: Strengthening Morocco’s Industrial Capacities and Facing Economic Challenges

2023-05-26 17:11:37

The Azian Business Forum, held on May 25 in Casablanca, was an excellent platform for discussing growth levers in a complex environment. Guests from the Association of the industrial zone of Aïn Sebaâ Hay Mohammadi stressed the importance of innovation, creativity and collaboration to strengthen Morocco’s industrial capacities and meet economic challenges. The event was also marked by promising partnerships, demonstrating the commitment of economic players to work together to stimulate industrial development and foster sustainable growth.

L’Association of the industrial zone of Aïn Sebaâ Hay Mohammadi (Azian) has reason to be proud. Thursday, May 25, she organized theAsian Business Foruma platform for debates and exchanges on economic challenges challenges facing Morocco, which brought together a host of participants. This event was placed under the theme “What growth levers in a complex environment?”.
The atmosphere was full of energy and enthusiasm. The conference room of the Hotel Mogador, located on the Avenue des Forces Armées Royales in Casablanca, was full, welcoming a varied audience, made up of officials, representatives of the Ministry of Industry, entrepreneurs and key players in the industrial ecosystem of the Aïn Sebaâ industrial zone. The stage was beautifully lit, showcasing the speakers who came and went to share their visions and insights on the levers for growth in the complex environment that currently characterizes the entire world. Cameras were strategically positioned to capture every key moment, which the photographers immortalized.

The presence of officials added a dimension of importance and prestige to this economic high mass. Their participation bears witness to the attention paid by the local authorities to the Azian and its initiatives aimed at stimulating the industrial development In the region.
The Azian Business Forum was the scene of powerful declarations. Mohamed Fikrat, president of the Association of the industrial zone of Aïn Sebaâ Hay Mohammadi, expressed his pride in the achievements of the zone, which recently celebrated its centenary. He warmly thanked the public and private partners for their commitment, stressing the need for strong synergies to raise Morocco’s industrial capacities to a global level. I’innovation and the creativity were also highlighted as key elements to address current challenges. Additionally, speakers highlighted the need to push boundaries and find innovative solutions to thrive in this complex and ever-changing environment.

Industrial development faces the challenge of the availability of quality land and creativity

During the forum, speakers discussed the strategies needed to foster a sustainable growth in a complex economic environment. They stressed the importance of innovation and technology as key drivers of industrial development. They also highlighted the importance of collaboration and synergies between the various economic players to strengthen the industrial capacities of Morocco on the world stage.
Among the challenges mentioned, the availability of a land quality was highlighted as a key element to support industrial growth. Moreover, given the difficult context, a call for creativity et al’innovation as essential levers to overcome obstacles and stimulate economic development was launched.

Azian and the Spanish association Sercobe are committed to supporting industrial projects

The event was also marked by the signing of a partnership agreement between Azian and the Spanish association Sercobe. A first collaboration which aims to promote the methods of financing and support for the investment projects of the member companies of the Azian. This initiative highlights the importance of sharing industrial experiences between the Morocco and theSpainas well as supporting companies through spaces for the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

1st National Investment Commission: high-impact projects

During the Forum, the inaugural meeting of the National Investment Commission could not be overlooked. This is how Ali Seddiki, general manager of theMoroccan Investment and Export Development Agency (AMDIE), recalled that this Commission approved, on May 25, under the chairmanship of the Head of Government, promising initiatives that will contribute to the economic growth of the country. This is a private investment of nearly 11.9 billion DH. These projects, which cover various sectors, were chosen for their development potential and economic impact. According to him, these private investments will play a vital role in stimulating the economy and job creation.

Among these notable projects, Ali Seddiki underlined the importance of the first phase of the OCP investment program, worth 130 billion DH. This Program includes three major projects focused onexploitation du phosphatethe desalination of sea water and the decarbonization. He said that this commitment demonstrates the crucial role of OCP in the Moroccan industrial sector and its commitment to sustainable development.

“The project approval process is rigorous and includes several stages. The projects are first examined by the Regional Investment Centers, then submitted to a Technical Committee responsible for assessing their viability,” he explains. In some cases, additional information may be requested from investors. Once approved, the projects are presented to the National Commission, which validates their execution and draws up investment agreements specifying the tax and customs advantages granted.

Industry, chemicals and tourism top the list

Approved projects place particular emphasis on industrial sectors such aschemical industryTHE renewable energies and the tourism. Ali Seddiki also explained that these sectors have been identified as engines of economic growth and job creation in Morocco. “There Investment Charter specifically encourages these activities and aims to foster sustainable development and prosperity,” he notes. As a reminder, the investment projects approved on May 24 provide for the creation of many jobs, with an estimate ranging from 17,000 to 20,000. Industry is recognized as a major provider of employment, which explains why the Investment Charter encourages these industrial activities. Specific sectors include the chemical industry as well as equipment for renewable energies, which are of considerable importance in the context of decarbonisation. The tourism sector is also experiencing renewed interest after the Covid-19 period, and many projects are currently being developed, in line with the national tourism strategy.

Change, innovation and adaptation, the bases for the development of the industry

During the prestigious Azian Forum, a captivating panel discussion was held, highlighting the challenges of the‘innovation and some technology in a complex context. Among the experts present, Sofia Bennani, specialist in relations Homme-machine and fervent defender of interdisciplinary approaches, who has distinguished herself by her in-depth knowledge of strategic partnerships. Ms. Bennani addressed the levers of innovation and technology, emphasizing the importance of a dynamic ecosystem around industry and the country’s prosperity. She shared her credo which she promotes with the institutions she advises: “change, innovation and adaptation”. The objective is to deconstruct the current collaborative model by exploring the relationship between man and machine, in order to refocus the human element at the heart of the process. She underlined the existence of a human intelligence capable of working efficiently, but also the willingness of manufacturers to optimize production costs. The question then arises: are we going to collaborate intelligently and benevolently with machines, or are we going to allow artificial intelligence to take over in a hegemonic way? Stakeholders were invited to respond to this issue. For them, it is important to find the right balance between artificial intelligence and human intelligence, by promoting industrial innovation that retains its social vocation. The main thing is not to let this opportunity slip away, as Sofia Bennani strongly advocated.

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