BA in Medicine from BUAP obtains accreditation from the CIEES

Puebla /

Thanks to the joint work and commitment of the university authorities, the Bachelor of Medicine taught by the UAP in the South Regional Complex, campus Tehuacan, obtained accreditation by the Interinstitutional Committees for the Evaluation of Higher Education (CIEES), a recognition that strengthens and highlights the educational quality of its graduates.

“Teamwork and commitment is what allowed us to achieve accreditation, because we did not do this alone, Rector Alfonso Esparza Ortiz put on the shirt with us and his willingness was very great to provide us with what was necessary to achieve it. In fact, all the departments of the University joined in and this joint effort gave good results ”, highlighted Dr. Mariana Vaquero Martínez, director of the South Regional Complex.

The accreditation granted by the CIEES to the Bachelor of Medicine, South Regional Complex, whose enrollment is just over 750 students, implies the social and formal recognition granted to higher education institutions that satisfactorily comply with their comprehensive project in the exercise of their objectives and functions.

To obtain it, it was necessary to undergo a strict evaluation process that accounted for the results with specific standards, reviewed periodically. Among the qualified parameters, Dr. Mariana Vaquero mentioned the infrastructure, the equipment of clinical laboratories, supplies, tools, recreational spaces, scholarships, psychological support, attention to gender issues, continuing education, the profile and teaching practice, among others. .

“It was a comprehensive project to achieve this accreditation, but not before also complying with a self-evaluation. Something very important was the investment that was made to equip the practice spaces with supplies and instrumentation (simulation manikins, traumatology, anatomy, equipment updating, acquisition of reagents, as well as extraordinary laboratories such as histopathology, operating rooms, All of this allowed the accrediting bodies to respond, but, above all, to provide tangible benefits to the students “.

Among the benefits that this accreditation highlights the signing of agreements with institutions from other states, as well as the IMSS and the Health Secretariats of different states. Currently there is already collaboration with Quintana Roo, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Veracruz and Mexico City, specifically with the Central Military Hospital, where the largest number of students from this campus carry out their rotating internship. Likewise, with the “Eduardo Liceaga” General Hospital of Mexico, the Cancerology Hospital and others in Nuevo León, Querétaro and Toluca.



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