Baby Etchecopar or Víctor Hugo Morales ?: this was the battle for the rating

Baby Etchecopar, Alfredo Leuco Y Victor Hugo Morales They face each other on Tuesdays in the strip that goes from 23:00 to 00:00. A24 Y TN They present similar proposals: journalists focus their cycles on an editorial that, generally, questions the ruling party and later on the highlights of the day are developed. C5N it goes a different way through the channel line and the cycle style.

Tuesday was a particular day for ratings, especially on cable signals due to two main issues: the success of “MasterChef Celebrity” and the Qatar 2020 qualifiers where the Argentine soccer team had to face Peru. In any case, the trend that programs tend to follow with regard to the numerical was presented again.

“Cultural Battle”, Morales’ program, dealt in depth with the issue of vaccines against coronavirus and questioned political representatives who question the effectiveness of immunization in this unique and worrying context. From A24, Etchecopar referred to inflation and the increase in the value of the basic family basket in recent months.

Resisting before the game that was broadcast on Public TV, Víctor Hugo Morales reached a maximum peak of 1.2 rating points. Meanwhile, “Basta Baby” added 2.9 points, prevailing over its competitors despite what was happening on air TV. For his part, Alfredo Leuco also reached an acceptable number with 1.9.

Soccer established itself in the top 3 of Tuesday night’s most watched with peaks of 11 points on the state channel. In addition, it is interesting to mention that the kitchen reality show Telefe He was also able to sustain himself with a loyal audience that gave him his highest mark of the day when he reached 12 points. In other circumstances, it would have been normal for “Mastechef” to be installed above 18.

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