Baby photos of Luisa W and Pipe Bueno posing as ‘rockstar’

Two of those images, published on the account of the ‘influencer’ (who recently told about his relationship with his sister-in-law), were the focus of all the praise and comments from both his followers and celebrities close to the couple, such as Alejandra Azcárate, María Laura Quintero, Sebastián Vega and Jonatan Clay.

It was not be for lowerly. In the photographs you can see the little Máximo Giraldo Cataño, who on November 28 celebrated his first month of life, taking a nap while the lens captures his poses with a toy guitar and resting on a tender bed of his size.

From that same session, Pipe Good (whose baby photos demonstrate the undeniable resemblance he has to his son) shared on his Instagram a photo in which he holds his first-born son, who wrapped in a gray blanket rests peacefully in his father’s arms.

“The best sleepless nights of my life, a new motivation that adds to give more meaning to my life,” wrote the artist in the photograph, which was also praised by several celebrities.

Regarding the popular music singer’s relationship with his son, Luisa Fernanda W. He shared in his stories a moment of father and son in which it is evident, according to the ‘influencer’, how spoiled little Máximo is.

Video of Luisa W and Pipe Bueno’s baby photoshoot

The famous couple had published on November 18 a video in which they showed some of the moments that the family lived in the studio where the photographs they published this weekend were taken to celebrate the first month of Máximo.


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