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Baby shark reached 10 billion views for the first time in the world… The whole world has seen it more than once

“Baby shark, really, really, really.”

The video of ‘Baby Shark Dance’ of ‘Pink Fong’, a Korean children’s content, reached 10 billion views for the first time in the world at 4 pm on the 13th. It set a new record of exceeding 10 billion views in 15 months after taking the top spot in the number of YouTube views in the world with 7 billion views in November 2020. It has about 2.3 billion more views than the music video for ‘Despacito’ by singer Luis Fonsi, which currently ranks second in number of views. Not only BTS, ‘Squid Game’ but also kids content are gaining popularity, and the status of Korean content is increasing.

This 2-minute and 16-second video shows children dancing to the English version of the song ‘Baby Shark’. In terms of the number of views, the world’s population (7.8 billion) has seen it at least once, and in terms of the cumulative viewing time (a total of 43,000 years), it is the same as it was played from the Paleolithic to the present. Vice-President Lee Seung-gyu, co-founder of ‘The Pink Pong Company’, which created this content, said in an interview with the Korea Economic Daily, “When I first made the video, I didn’t expect it to be so popular.” It seems to have received worldwide attention thanks to the easy-to-follow rhythm and colorful characters.”

'Baby Shark' reached 10 billion views for the first time in the world...  The whole world has seen it more than once

The company, which started as ‘Smart Study’ in 2010, produced baby shark songs and characters with the goal of entering the overseas market in 2015. The song was created by finding an uncopyrighted American oral nursery rhyme and adding repetitive choruses and new beats. The video, which recorded 10 billion views this time, was made in 2016, and the baby shark song spread around the world. Vice President Lee said, “The most decisive moment was when we started the ‘Baby Shark Challenge’ in Indonesia in 2017, where you can imitate songs and choreography to video. We started overseas marketing activities,” he explained.

The power of Filipino nanny was also great in spreading to major markets such as the United States and Europe. The nanny who came across this in the Philippines started teaching Pinkfong to their children while working in the US and Europe. Since then, not only children but also adults have taken a lot of interest and gained explosive popularity. The baby shark song became a cheering song for the Washington Nationals and resounded in major league baseball fields in the United States. At the anti-government protests in Lebanon, people sang this song for a crying baby, which became a hot topic.

It also helped a lot to actively utilize a new platform called YouTube. He made 500 to 600 Pink Fong contents a year and exposed them on his YouTube channel consistently. So far, about 5,000 pieces of content have been created in a total of 20 languages. Viewers in 244 countries are using it, and the cumulative number of views of the entire content reaches 50 billion views. With this strategy, the company’s sales soared from 9.5 billion won in 2015 to 67.7 billion won in 2020.

The Pink Pong Company is also establishing corporations one after another to further expand its overseas business. Vice President Lee emphasized, “We have recently established the fourth corporation in Singapore after Los Angeles in the United States, Shanghai in China, and Hong Kong,” and emphasized that “it will become a base for managing the Southeast Asian business.”

We are also spurring the expansion of intellectual property (IP). Vice President Lee said, “We are testing the possibility of various IPs through short-form content with short lengths, and we are developing long-form content by increasing the content that has received good responses. We also plan to release dinosaur animations,” he said. enter new business. “We will expand our business beyond the early childhood education business to include webtoons, web novels, and sports businesses,” he said.

By Kim Hee-kyung, staff reporter [email protected]

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