Back home! Jakub Prachař returned to the children’s room after the collapse of the marriage

After the collapse of the marriage, Jakub Prachař packed his packs and moved to his mother Dana Batulková. Hanychová was left alone in their huge house with the children and had to pay the actors as part of the divorce settlement.

The divorce of Agáta Hanychová and Jakub Prachar was definitely not smooth. It dragged on for over a year, and they both wanted to get it over with. The model recently complained on social networks that while other girls make money on divorce, the opposite is true for her.

Only she remained with the children in the house with a fireplace, a glass bedroom and a garden. Logically, she had to pay Prachař, because they bought the house together.

The model was decided to help her mother Veronika Žilková, who sold a log cabin in the Orlické Mountains for six million crowns due to her daughter’s troubles. Even that was not enough to compensate.

Žilková had to sell the cottage so that her daughter could pay Prachar

Jakub Prachař was not left without help either. His mother also helped him in a difficult situation. Actress Dana Batulková provided refuge for her son in his hometown. The actor moved into his nursery after the divorce.

“My brother is back home,” Sister Mariana Prachařová snapped at the actor’s Jan Kraus Show. “Everyone is back home. The children don’t have much to prick, so they’re with me, “Batulková revealed.

The actor trotted back to his mother

“As my brother and I have never lived in this way for siblings for eleven years, now we have the rooms, finally on our old knees,” laughed Mariana, who was used to her brother’s presence.

“Sometimes they argue and I’m not used to it because they’ve never been this way together. When she was born, Kuba left home, so I’m very nervous about it, “admitted Batulková, who has all the children back home.

After the divorce, neither Hanychová nor Prachař manage to find the right counterpart. After breaking up with Denisa Dvořáková, Prachar is silent about a possible girlfriend, and Hanychová changes one man after another.

He is currently dating Adam Raiter, with whom it looks like a fateful relationship again. However, this has already been the case with the previous four partners, so it is difficult to say whether anyone else trusts Agatha.


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