Back in disaster to not pay the $ 2000

Travelers have flocked to the last plane tickets to return to Quebec before having to quarantine at the hotel at their expense, even if Ottawa has still not announced a deadline for the implementation of this new measure.

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“I felt the government was going to announce something this week. So I bought my ticket back to Canada early on Wednesday. I am a student, I do not want to pay $ 2000 for quarantine in a hotel, ”said Édouard, who preferred to keep his last name silent.

The young student, who returned from Mexico on Saturday after spending two weeks at his father’s condo, was right.

Ottawa will impose a test for COVID-19 on travelers arriving in the country as well as a quarantine at their expense in a hotel, at a cost of $ 2,000, for three days while awaiting the result, Justin Trudeau announced Friday.

However, a vagueness persists regarding the entry into force of this measure, which must take place “as quickly as possible, in February. ”

Other restrictions were also announced, such as the suspension of flights of the four major Canadian carriers to Mexico and the Caribbean until April 30.

Madness at the airport

Cancun, Mexico's airport was crowded on Saturday, with several Canadians looking to return as soon as possible.

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Cancun, Mexico’s airport was crowded on Saturday, with several Canadians looking to return as soon as possible.

Obviously, the 21-year-old is not the only one to have decided to rush his return to the country. The Cancún airport was stormed on Saturday by Quebecers, according to what he observed.

The check-in line was so long that he eventually had to run to catch his plane, even though he had arrived at the airport 2 hours and 15 minutes early.

The madness to return to the country is felt as far as Paris, according to Sarah Oirdighi, disembarked Saturday evening at Montreal airport.

She had left for France at the beginning of December to see her family and she was due to return for the month of February.

“With all the measures, France closing its borders and Canada announcing new restrictions, I just had to bring my flight forward,” she says.

The stress is felt

“Even at Paris airport, it was crowded. There was everyone who was stressed about all these new measures. The plane was full too. So I think everyone did pretty much like me, ”continues Oirdighi.

For her part, Naudin Sarah spent four hours on the phone with her airline in order to anticipate her plane ticket from France, her country of origin, by a few days before finding herself online.

“That this measure is put in place is correct. But to announce such a huge thing and leave the world in limbo, I don’t understand. If I get to the airport and it costs me $ 2000, I don’t know where I’m going to find [l’argent] », Deplores the carpentry and joinery student in Gatineau, who has a flight scheduled for next Tuesday.

– With Anne-Sophie Poiré

Florida is over

Photo QMI Agency, Mario Beauregard

Sylvie Bolduc and Stéphane Decelles had been living in their second home in Fort Lauderdale for two months before rushing their return.

“Why don’t those who get tricked into partying get quarantined in a hotel with a COVID test at their expense? »Asks Mme Bolduc, who finds the measures unfair.

Strict measures

Photo QMI Agency, Mario Beauregard

Sarah Oirdighi anticipated her return from France. “They asked us for our results before we got on the plane and got off here. They took our temperature. We felt that people were more stressed than in December. ”

Come back for nothing

Photo QMI Agency, Mario Beauregard

Student at Laval University, Charlotte Gori was at the bedside of her sick mother in France when she decided to revarnish in disaster. She will have to return to Paris on Sunday since her departure caused her to lose her study permit.

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