Back out of the arena!Trump announces the establishment of a new social media company, Truth Social, to open in the first quarter of next year | Anue

Former U.S. President Trump announced on Wednesday (20th) that he is studying plans to set up his own social media, scheduled to be launched in the first quarter of next year, and will merge with another company to become a listed company. On behalf of this person, he was blocked by Facebook and Twitter. Of celebrities may be active on social media again.

According to the Trump Media and Technology Group’s press release, the new social media is called “Truth Social” and will become a publicly listed company through the merger with Digital World Acquisition, and plans to launch audio-visual on-demand in the future (video on-demand) Subscription service.

If everything goes according to plan, Truth Social will go online about half a year earlier than the midterm elections in November 2022.

Trump has repeatedly stated that he wants to establish his own social media company, but earlier this year he closed the blog dedicated to posting his own statement because of too few readers.

After Trump was kicked off the platform by Twitter and Facebook for inciting supporters during the congressional riots on January 6, he has been seeking ways to reconnect with supporters in order to raise funds and increase exposure. At present, Twitter has permanently banned Trump’s account, and Facebook has frozen his account for at least two years. By 2023, it will be judged whether it still constitutes a public safety risk, otherwise it will not be restored.

Trump has predicted that he may run for president again in 2024, but has not officially announced his candidacy. Without the social platform, Trump can only issue press releases for a while. He often releases multiple press releases a day in a format similar to his Twitter posts. Most of the content is his personal campaign and accepts interviews from friendly media.

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