Back to the prosecution for the “false prophet” and his acolytes

Tawaf in Touba: Return of the prosecution for the “false prophet” and his acolytes

Twist in the Tawaf affair in Touba. According to Seneweb sources close to the prosecution, the false prophet arrested in Touba was the subject of a return from the prosecution as well as his 05 disciples.

Habib Diabane and his acolytes are currently in police custody in Diourbel. They will face the prosecutor of the Baol District Court.

Note that the false prophet and his disciples were referred this morning for illegal assembly, charlatanism, desecration of a place of worship at the level of the Diourbel floor. Habib would claim to be the prophet Issa, savior of mankind.

Author: Junior DIOP (corresponding to Diourbel) –


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