Bad acne: Faye Montana stopped going out the door

Faye Montana (18) speaks openly about her greatest insecurity! The actress has been in the spotlight since childhood. At the age of only eleven, she was already hosting a TV show, has published songs since then and is active on social media. In the end, however, the teenager consciously avoided the flash of flashlights – for a sad reason: Faye suffered from bad skin problems and hardly dared to leave the house!

The TikTokerin revealed that now image: “About a year ago I got really bad hormonal acne. It completely affected me in everything I did. I never went outside because of my bad skin!” Faye had become totally insecure to talk to people face to face, was difficult for them: “It was a really difficult time for me, it bordered on depression. My acne made me super insecure. Bad skin affects you more than you think!”

In the end, however, the 18-year-old turned her self-doubt into actionism: She founded her own cosmetics brand, which focuses on combating pimples. She found inspiration on vacation in Israel: “When I was in Tel Aviv by the Dead Sea in the summer, I realized how good the mud in the sea did my skin!”

Faye Montana, Influencerin
Faye Montana in December 2020

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Faye Montana at GLOW 2019


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