Bad Bunny composes a song to Kobe Bryant 24 hours after his death

Tributes to Kobe Bryant, world basketball idol, have moved from their sport to other sports activities until they reach all kinds of sectors, since the Mamba Negra was a global icon that made millions of people around the world happy with Your baskets

And there is even a well-known one who has composed a song immediately knew of his death: Bad Bunny. The popular urban music artist has released “6 rings” just 24 hours after Bryant had his fateful accident.

The Puerto Rican singer explains that the six rings of the title refer to the five NBA champion plus that of their wedding band, in a song that lasts two exciting minutes where Bunny also questions the existence of God.

Here you can hear upload to the Soundcloud platform by the artist himself on his Twitter account:

The letter of “6 rings” says:

«Sometimes I wonder if I do well to respect the commandments and where God will be in these moments, I know that life is short as a story and in a blink the wind takes them away.

I still remember the first game of yours I witnessed, I saw the emotion and many times you stood me up. You taught me that everything in life is done with passion and that to win you have to have a heart.

You taught us that the number 13 is not bad luck and that failures can make us stronger, whatever they want for me you will be the best, hey, rest in peace with the Lord.

And congratulations, you also won 6 rings, 5 in the NBA and a marriage that your daughters gave you, thinking that one went with you, I got out of control, but nah, that’s for heaven to play us alone ”

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More than 81 reasons to admire you, more than 5 players at the same time to stop you, we seemed like we were doing art, black mamba forever we will always remember you ». .

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